Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Just for the Health of it

I touched on this today on my facebook page, but felt like I needed to keep the momentum of this discussion going.  More and more people in my age range (mid 30-early 40) are taking a more active approach to their own health and fitness and I think it is just AWESOME!  I mean, I think back 15 years ago to my early 20s and the crowd of smokers/drinkers/partiers I hung out with and was a part of, and I can't wrap my head around the fact that we are now the 5k, 10K, half-marathon crowd.  we are juicing and detoxing and working up a sweat.  It just makes me so damn happy and proud.  I mean, it seems like not too long ago our generation was written off as a bunch of slackers...no here we are changing the world fr the better and starting with ourselves!  We are more aware than I think even we ever thought we'd be.

Examples...my hubby and I, on and off the workout wagon for years, but in the past 6 months-year we have been pretty sticking to things....one of my besties for 20 years who guest posted here is not only an avid exerciser now, she is a Race Director for Susan G Komen...one of my hubby's friends from way back is training for his first half marathon (not even bothering with 5 or 10K just all in on the half), another friend has gotten SCUBA certified and dives frequently, and yet another hired himself a personal trainer to get it done.  Fellow parents are becoming Beach Body coaches, competing on Fitbit, doing 5Ks, taking Moms with Moves dance classes...its like an upsurge in fitness and it is just GREAT!

One of the best parts is seeing the trickle down effect to the kiddos.  Now that Momma and Dadoo both have fitbits, mini me wanted one (big girl is above such things haha)...one of my besties has one then her daughter wanted one.  She got it for her birthday and baby brother just got his for his birthday, if there dad sticks with the trainer, he may just get one for Fathers Day. :)  And it's the kids that are setting up the challenges...weekly and daily and they are busting their little butts to win.  My friends 9 year old is averaging 20K steps/day right now.  WHAT!!!

The kids want to do more too...they have asked about 5Ks, but they are all so busy with different activities already (dance, soccer, football, cheer).  We don't want to lose that excitement about being fit and healthy, so we are looking at options like virtual races, our friends at Level Up Runs can help you with that!  They have registration open RIGHT NOW for their Incredible Virtual Run which you can do on your own dime, in your own time.

The future seems so bright right now...I can't wait to see what these kids push us to do next!!!
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