Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Running Fashion + a GIVEAWAY

Have you ever wanted something but just didn't want to have to buy it for yourself?  So you drop hints for a while, even add it to your Christmas list for the old family gift exchange....but alas and alack, it never made it onto Santa's sleigh.  This was me with a running belt.   I had actually not done a LOT of research, but had seen a lot on Pinterest for the flipbelt.  So that is what I had asked for.  A nice, new, stretchy, convenient flipbelt.  I did not get one.  Sad.

So, once we got through all the holiday craziness, and I went through my stack of gift cards, I decided to bite the bullet and just buy one for myself.  I mean, I have an iPhone 6+ and it i a pain in the butt (well, hand actually) to carry while running...but it is a necessary evil if I want to track my distance and listen to some sweet tunes or an audio book while I run.

So I order myself a belt, and then LITERALLY the very next day, I get an email from Travis at about testing a running belt out.  I mean, really?!?!  The NEXT day!!  So I think about cancelling my purchase, but then decide...hmmmmmm maybe I can keep both and see which is better.  Yes, I like this plan.  So I agree to test the new SLS3 and await both running belts in the mail.

This is the SLS3 Dual Pocket Run Belt.
When it first arrived, I was like...WHAT?!?!  How on Earth am I going to fit my ginormous phone in that tiny running belt?  But sure enough, it fit.  It is a little tight, and with my earbud cord I have to pay attention to how I put my phone in, but it does in fact fit.

So the SLS3 Dual Pocket Run Belt is pretty cool.  You can choose from a variety of fun colors (I chose black because, I always chose black for clothing type pieces...I know, not very adventurous. Looking back I kind of wish I had gone with the purple for that little punch of color, but that;s okay...maybe my next one.  I LOVE that this running belt is water proof.  I live near Cleveland and we can quite literally get all 4 seasons in one day.   People think that is an exaggeration, but I promise you it is not.  I had a run one day last spring where it was gorgeous out, then it was windy and chilly, then icy rain, then just a downpour, then y the tine I finished I was in the sunshine again.  A lot of crazy for a 3 mile run.  I also love that this belt is fully adjustable size wise.  It has been nice being able to have other members of my fam try it out too since it can be customized to each of us.  And of course the most important thing, it is washable.  I don't know about you, but I am a sweater....not the fun, snuggly winter kind, but the red faced, dripping wet kind so ALL of my gear needs to be washable.

Overall, I give the SLS3 Dual Pocket Run Belt a big, fat A+!  And now, thanks to the generosity of, you can enter for a chance to win one of your very own!

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*I was asked to review this running belt by, but the opinions expressed are all my own

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