Friday, November 20, 2015

My Boast Post

Do you remember when Brokeback Mountain came out?  Yeah, I didn't really either and had to look up the date.  It was WAY back in 2005.  I ask because that is the last time I can remember really feeling the way I did this morning.  This whole week actually.  My then boyfriend (now hubby) and I had a date night planned to go see the movie with a couple that we are great friends with and I had bought this pair of jeans from NY&Co (I think they were still Lerner New York then-ha) and I loved them.  I loved them partially because of the super small number in the waistband, and partially because of how good I felt in them.  I felt skinny and sexy and like I was wowing my fella.  I wish I had those jeans still today because I feel like I could maybe get them back on and razzle dazzle again.

Is this too much?  I mean, I feel like when you have these moments where you feel this good about how things are going you should be able to tout off a bit, right?  If you are offended, I'm sorry...but I am feeling pretty good and want to shout it from the rooftops. 

Even on my wedding day, when I had been diligent about my eating and my workouts, and was VERY happy with how I looked in my nice mermaid fit dress, I don't think I felt as happy about how I am looking as I do today.  What makes it so funny is that the number on the scale is higher today then it was on my wedding day, but that has kind of started to lose it's importance.  BREAKTHROUGH, am I right?!?!?!
the happy couple SO many years ago :)

Maybe it's the "gift of age", maybe I really am getting wiser as I get older....I mean I know I am getting grayer hahaha.  Maybe its reaching a point and a maturity where you have a greater acceptance of yourself and your accomplishments, I'm not sure, but whatever it is, I don't want to lose it.  How I am feeling now, is what I want my daughters to see and feel for themselves! 

Is this what a turning point feels like?  I hope so, because this is the "a-ha" moment I have needed, this is the "sign" that what I am doing for myself is what I SHOULD be doing.  I have found myself making sure I make time for me.  I have made my workouts a priority.  I have come to a "happy place" with my eating habits and have grown accustomed to the changes we have made, I even find myself pampering myself a little more.  Here's to keeping the momentum going!

Happy Friday!!
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