Monday, October 19, 2015

I heart Hemp Hearts

OMG!  I am very excited to share this with all of you!  So a few weeks ago I was selected by Manitoba Harvest to try out Hemp Hearts and do a review.  I was a little wary, as I sometimes am with food that is so new to me, but I scanned through some of their suggestions as to what to eat it with/on...and decided what the heck.

First a little background on these, they are a great source of Omegas and plant-based proteins.  They have a nutty taste to them and I have to be honest...they are delish!  Who knew!  The hubs and I have been cutting back on our "bad carbs" so sometimes the thought of ANOTHER salad is just too much...but add a little dash of these goodies, and it gives the salad a whole new taste.

a little dash of hemp hearts on my salad

added a bit to my eggs

on the table to share with the fam at dinner

salad topper
I actually am a bit mad at myself because I used it on other things too...scrambled eggs, lettuce wraps, but TBH I was either so hungry at the tine or so enveloped in the yumminess of my creation that I forgot to  take pics!!

These little delights add just the right amount of extra flavor to anything!  The kiddos were even intrigued by them.  And with us being on a lower carb diet right now, all the extra protien that these little bad boys pack was much aprciated.

I am looking forward to purchasing some more of these as my first bag is almost gone already.  Oh yeah, did I menton that...all of these meals pictured above PLUS at ;least 4-5 more have nice portions of Hemp Hearts added, and they are all from the SAME BAG!  So I that you have heard (and seen) the yumminess you want some of your very own too don't you?!?!  Wel you are in luck because my good friends at Manitoba Harvest want to give one lucky reader a free sample, just enter below!!

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