Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Making the Rounds

I know I have seemed pretty absent lately, right?  Well it is partially true.  I was on vacation for a week.  Oh sweet wonderful vacation with the fam.  Crunching through steps on my fitbit like a boss.  Oh how I do heart Disney.
But this is not the ionly reason I have been so quiet.  I have actually been pretty busy writing.  What?  Hold the phone!  I know, I know where is the fruit of all this labor?  Well, glad you asked.  I had the opportunity over the past few weeks to guest post on not 1 but TWO fabulous blogs!

The first that went live was for a fellow #sweatpink ambassador, Taylor, who has an amazing blog over at Muscles and Pearls.  I got a chance to talk about trying to find the  balance between family and fitness for myself.  It was intersteing as I got going to see where the words took me.

The second post which is live TODAY was for yet another #sweatpink ambassador Ellyn, who has a fabulous blog going over at In Fitness and In Health.  This one was fun too as it gave me motivation to pre-plan some fitness for our #fitfujifam vacay! 

 I hope you'll stop over and check out these two awesome blogs and (selfishly) check out my posts over there!

Happy Tuesday!

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