Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Here Comes the Sun

If you have been following me on my facebook page, then you know that July 2015 marks the completion of a goal that I have had for what seems like forever!  I FINALLY ran my first 5K! I mean it...I ran it.  The entire thing.  I am pretty proud of myself.  Now I know that many people (and I mean MANY people) have encouraged me, but can I say that the following words are not as encouraging as you may think...
"It's only 3 miles."

Yes, I know, I am well aware that the race I signed up for is only 3 miles, well 3.1 to be exact...but when someone hasn't trained, or is doubting themselves and feeling daunted already..hearing "It's ONLY 3 miles" does not help.  Thank you though to all those people who continuously told me that, I know that you were trying to be helpful...but dang.

So, I did the Smiles for Sophie Forever run with a group of friends.  SFSF is a foundation that is raising awareness for pediatric brain cancer.  Brain Cancer is a cause near and dear to our family as this past February we lost a dear friend, far too soon, to brain cancer.  A wonderful ray of light in this world that was extinguished far too soon.

This is a picture from our wedding of our dear friends Brandon and Tonya.  Look at that smile.  So young and full of life and hope for the future.  This picture is from seven years ago.  Before Tonya was first diagnosed.  My hubby and I were there when this sweet couple first started dating.  We celebrated their wedding day with them.

We were rocked to our cores when she was first diagnosed.  We celebrated her recovery and remission.  We celebrated the birth of their daughter just a year after our little mini me joined this world.

We hoped as she relapsed that God would find a way.  We feared and felt helpless as her condition worsened.  And we mourned with a dear friend, a "framily member" over the loss of his wife and mother to their sweet daughter.

Brandon and Tonya did, and he still continues to do, so much to raise awareness.  They did a lot with the organization Voices Against Brain Cancer, and due to her love of the music and meaning, they were always team Here Comes the Sun.

So when the facebook message came through asking if we would want to do this run with B, there was no hesitation.  I knew that I had to do it this time.  No excuses.  So with a few short weeks to train, I arrived the morning of July 4th ready to run.

I should pause here too and say that for some reason in my head I assumed that a race like this was going to be filled with hard core runners ready to go...I was shocked by how many people walked the race...or portions of it.  I'm not sure exactly why I was shocked, but it made me feel even better (for my own personal goals) that I ran the entire race.

The sun was shining on race day.  We were there, together, ready to go.  We were sporting our pinterest-inspired shirts, our nod to Here Comes the Sun, and as the race started I felt this  burst of energy.  I mean, come on, I was excited...I was finally doing this.  We started in the parking lot and ran down this LONG driveway into a development and as I rounded the first turn and felt the sun hit my face, my eyes filled with tears.  I could fee Tonya smiling down on us.  I knew that is what it was, she was smiling down on us and happy to see us all together, inspired by our love of her.  I remember thinking, in a perfect world she would be here with us...then it dawned on me...she already was.

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