Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Settling In

It seems that life is finally starting to slow down a bit and allow itself to be enjoyed.  It has been so long since I sat down and wrote.  Lets see...since the post surgery update...my hubby is doing SO well.  Like ah-may-zingly well.  He is taking his doctors advice to heart about getting out and moving to get himself back on track.  He has been walking a few miles a day or hitting the gym.  nothing overly strenuous...just the elliptical for right now as he hasn't been given 100% clearance yet...that comes in a few short weeks, but he is doing great!  I got him a fitbit for Fathers Day to keep him motivated...hoping it fits ok.  He has had a really hard time finding something that fits comfortably on his wrist.

Mini me is rocking out things too.  She has been asked to audition for her dance studio's Competition Team.  She is over the moon excited about this.  She has a clinic today to get ready and tomorrow is the big day.  Mommy is taking the morning of from work to get her all ready and be there tomorrow. We went and got a new leo to wear, have all our hair stuff ready.  Daddy even found a super cool dance bag to buy if she makes the team.  We have been talking about how much more time this would mean at the studio if she makes it, and she is excited.  I think she found her passion in dance and that makes my heart soar!  We have also talked about the importance of making good choices with this new adventure.  She has always been good with food choices...this one will ask for fruit or veggies  before sweets and chips and stuff 99% of the time.  We have been trying to pick fun activities that will keep us moving too and keep us both in better shape.  She is LOVING her bike right now, so we have been doing long walks with the dog and her on her bike...I even attempted to get back out jogging some but she is too hard of a coach.  She kept shouting that I needed to move faster...I was slowing her down. hahahahha

My big girl had her first night of high school soccer training last night.  Mini me and I dropped her off and then went and did a 1 mile walk.  They worked those girls hard.  They have to pass a fit test in order to even be considered for the team.   They have awhile series of stuff they have to do...sprints, kicks, burpees, juggling, sit ups, laps, etc all in under 27 minutes to be considered.  She started at 35, which wasn't terrible for her first time out, and that was with stopping to see what had to be done at each station.  It was a shock to her system I think, but in a good way.  She got in the car after and asked if we could start running together.  So proud of how she has stepped up to this challenge. 

My new job is awesome!  So family friendly and the schedule is unreal.  I heard someone down the hall the other day say he was "too blessed to be stressed."  I really feel like that is the best way to describe life right now!
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