Thursday, June 18, 2015

Currently-June 2015

I have been reading Coffee Cake and Cardio for a few years now, and just LOVE it.  If you haven't checked out her site yer....WHAT IS STOPPING YOU?!?!?!  She has been doing a monthly series since early 2014 called "Currently" and I always enjoy reading her updates.  I have noticed other bloggers loving this idea too (most recently Carrots 'N' Cake, so I thought....why not give it a try?

Currently: June much good has come to our family this month.  I am settling in to my new job nicely (which as ah-may-zing BTW), hubby's back recovery is going well, then girls are killing it in their individual activities and I have rediscovered the gym. :)

Current Celebration: My little mini me was invited to audition for her dance studio's competition dance company.  She went in there, learned her routines, practiced her heart out and MADE IT!!  So proud of that little 5 year old ball of determination!
working it on picture day this past spring

ready to go at auditions

Current Confession: I have a TON of scrapbook stuff for my girls, and and TON of well intended ideas...but I am TERRIBLE about actually doing them.

Current Product Find: Ok, so this is really a "current" find as we discovered our love for it last year, but with the official start of summer coming up and its resurgence in our life over the past few current product find/love is Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration.  It's light, it smells nice and it makes my skin feel great!

Current Plan: Working out.  It should seem like a no-brainer right?  But it hasn't been.  This hip thing that I am STILL dealing with has made it rough, but I am getting there.  The hubs has been inspirational here.  He is killing it with his workouts and he is still only allowed to do "so much" since surgery.  But he is giving that "so much" 110%.

Current Book: I am without right now and it is awful!  PLEASE send some recommendations!!!!

Current Purchase: My first 5K registration!  If you have been reading my blog for a while then you know that I have been wanting to do this for a long, I mean LONG, time, but something always comes up...injury, time, excuse after excuse.  Well, I have officially registered for my first one.  A group of us will be running to honor the memory of a dear friend on July 4.  We are doing the Smiles for Sophie Forever run to benefit childhood brain cancer.

Current Drink: Lemon water.  I have always loved infused water, but it seems like recently the hubs has discovered the taste of lemon water and always has fresh sliced lemons now in the fridge. 

Current Holy Moly: My baby is done with kindergarten and my big girl is off to high school.  WOW!  I am still trying to process all that.

Current Show: I have been on a rather dark streak with my netflix binging...currently it is Dexter.  I read the first book and liked it, so decided to try out the series.

Current Want: Flipbelt.  I have an iPhone6+ which I LOVE but the idea of wearing that in an armband makes me nutty!  If anyone wants to buy me one as a congrats for signing up for my first 5K...let me know, I'll tell you wear to mail it. ;)

Current Obsession: Unplugged time with the fam!  It's hard with a teenager and an iPad savvy 5 year old, but we are managing it.  They are good about getting out and getting I'm ok with SOME time on devices (especially since the big one is doing summer reading on hers and the little one is practicing 1st grade website a lot...but there is also that time when it's brain rot TV or youtube).  So I am pushing for LOTS of fun family together time with NO and dad included. :)

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