Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wait...there was a wagon?!?!?

Wow...its been almost a full month since my last post, and I have to admit some of my time away was WONDERFUL, some not so wonderful, and some hard but worthwhile.  With all that being said I have SO much too catch you up on. 
First was vacation.  We  have never taken a vacation that wasn't fraught with stress and running around.  We do trips like Disney, Busch Gardens, Washington DC...places  that are  amazing and fun but require a lot of planning and walking and doing.  Now my mini me is a beach junkie.  Not sure where she got it from, but thank God she did.  It's as if she knew in her  little heart and soul what mommy and daddy needed all these years.  She asked us if we could do a beach vacation this year, and after our  one day of ocean time last summer, we  were ready to give it a  try.  Oh. Em. Gee.  The  hubs and I have always, I mean ALWAYS, said we  aren't beach people.  We aren't  interested in a beach vacation, what do  you do  when it rains, how do you not get bored...?!?!  Let me say, I am more than happy to say I was dead wrong about that! 
even the big girl smiled
We decided  to  go to Charleston, SC.  My hubby grew up spending lots of time there as he had family that  lived there for a long time.  We hadn't been in almost 12 years, so  it was time.  It gave us the best of both sides (just in case).   We had a selection of beaches to  choose from, plus it has the historical and beautiful city of Charleston to enjoy.  For the first time ever on vacation, I relaxed.  I mean, sleep through the night into the morning, roll out of bed  for a coffee and get  dressed  in my bathing suit to go straight to  the beach and lay back down relaxed.  It was amazing, no that's not even a strong enough word, it  was magical.  How had we been so against this for so many years.  We played in the sand,  swam in the ocean, laid on the beach and got  tan.  Mini me was SO happy.  My big girl, sat with kindle in hand enjoying time in her beach  chair under the sun umbrella, and the hubs and I  smiled  and breathed in the sweet salty air.


loving the beach with my girls

my sweetie and me

the beach junkie :)
We drove up to Ocean Isle, NC on our last day to see friends at the house they rented for the week.  It was nice to see another beach, but it's just not "our  beach" (which is now the only way my hubby refers to Isle of  Palm).  :)  I just can not even truly put into words how restful, needed, and just perfect it all was.
At the end of an awesome week, my hubby got a message though that his father had lost his battle to cancer.  It  was NOT the news we were expecting or obviously wanted to hear, and my hubby didn't want to take away from the  girls fun so we didn't really discuss it until after we were home.  There is still a lot to process from that,  but all in due time.
We came out of all of that into the start of a new school year.  My big girl started 8th grade, old hat at this whole school situation. 
lil sis  had to get in on the 1st day fun
And then yesterday was the day I had been dreading, excited for, sad, happy...all sorts of  emotions.  My mini me started kindergarten.  I am excited for  her, I really am, but I can't believe she is already at that age.  It goes SO fast.

this face <3

my baby and me
Forgive me for being so absent, but as you can see the past few weeks have been a bit of a roller coaster for  us.  With all this, I can honestly say I have not only fallen off the wagon with my eating and exercising, but I basically forgot there even was a wagon. 
To be fair, our rule is when on vacation,  we vacation!  We don't worry about what we are  eating, we don't worry about working out.  It's one week a year to  just kick it with the kiddos and that is EXACTLY what we did this year.  It's just with everything else that has happened and we  have had to prepare for, it got put on a back burner.  But have no fear, I sent out a search party...found the wagon, and am climbing back on one leg at a  time. 
Do you through the rules away on vacation?
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