Friday, July 25, 2014

Posturizing on Posture

As  I have been getting “back on the wagon” I  have become keenly aware of something…my posture.  I sit at a desk all day working on a computer.  I have been noticing more and more how poor my posture is, and know that I need  to do something about it.  What better way to find the thing that works best for me then by hitting Pinterest and experimenting a little right?!?!

I have to be honest too, part of  my noticing this  was out of pure vanity.  I get  to work early every day so I can walk a little but before hitting the office.  The other day I was walking past the hospital and scoped out my reflection in the window…it was shocking how I was  standing/walking.  I straightened myself up and instantly saw how much better I looked.  Now, I had to do all this while still moving so as not to look like a complete freakazoid…so  what did I do when I  got home?  Stood in front of my mirror in profile checking myself out some more.  (the kids were laughing their butts off)

By the end of  the day, I felt like my profile was more cave woman then business woman.  I mean, wow!  And the difference it made when I took the time (and mental energy) to stand up straight and tall…BAZINGA!   I looked taller (duh), but also my tummy looked flatter, just an overall leaner version of me!  And I’ve got  to say, Momma likey!!
So, as I continue to  gear up for vacation (1 more week), I  am going to experiment with some of  the pins I’ve gotten to see how II can improve my posture.  I mean, the image in my head that I have of how awesome I am going to look walking the beach in SC, tall and lean…well, as tall and lean as my 5’2″ self can :)

Did you know that your little tummy “pouch” could be a result of poor posture?  I didn’t.

I also found out some new things about what kind of negative effects poor posture  can have  on other areas  of your life.  Did  you know  it can deepen depression, cause career problems, even  increase risk of death!  Check out this article  I found on 7 Weird Ways Your Posture Messes With You.  Talk about scary!!

So this week I will be trying a few of these pins out:

3 Simple Stretches  for better posture
The Perfect Posture Workout
Physical Therapy Exercises to Prevent Poor Posture and Neck Pain while Working on the Computer

I know that the best thing I can probably do for this is to just be more aware, but strengthening the right muscles has got  to help  too, right!

How do you stand tall?
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