Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Not So Golden Arches

My first real job as a teenager was at McDonalds.  I started  as a senior in high school, was quickly promoted to a swing manager and loved it.  Yep, that's right.  I loved my job at the golden arches.  I had an amazing boss, made great friends and despite being there pretty much everyday of the week, I still enjoyed my employee discount on my meals.

Fast forward to 2004 and a  documentary by Morgan Spurlock called Supersize Me.  Have you seen this one?  I don't want to spoil it for you but Spurlock goes on a 30 day all McDonalds diet.  He has to order  everything from the menu at least once, and he has to say yes anytime they ask him to supersize his order.  Guess what?  By the end of the 30 days, he has gained weight, his liver panels are bad, just a host of terrible things. 

Bad McDonalds, right?    Well yes and no in my opinion.  See, as I  see it over the years McDonalds  as  well   as other fast food restaurants has tried  to offer healthier alternatives.  You can get salads, wraps, bottled water, apple slices...and that is where, to me, Spurlock messed up.  Once he made it all the way through their menu, he didn't have to continue ordering the Big Macs or QPC.  He didn't have to get Coke with every meal when bottled water, milk or even diet was available right?  Don't get me wrong, I see what he was  trying to prove, but I was still upset about it.  It's seems easy to pick on McDonalds, its a big one, but don't fool yourself by  choosing another one. 

I know that fast food is the enemy of healthy living, at  least  one of the big ones.  We try our best to avoid it, but sometimes it's just SO easy to fall into that trap.  Take tonight for example.  I  work until 6, the hubs is home re-roofing the garage all day.  he is going to take Mini me and Sissy to Mini's  dance camp  at 6 and go  back to work on the roof some more.  I am leaving work and driving straight to the studio to pick up the girls at the end of camp at 7:00.  By the time we  are  all home it's going to be close to  7:30...do you know how hard it is to drive past those arches at 7:30 and see the sign advertising the $9.99 dinner box?!?!?!  By that time we  are all going to be exhausted and no one will want to make dinner. 

Tonight we will drive past that sign, my girls will ask for the dinner box, and I will firmly and authoritatively say NO!  Not just because of  the fact that it's not good for us, but also now the resurgence of the pink slime.  The what?  Pink slime.  Yep, those words are associated with our food supply.

 Just seeing this and hearing more about the processing of meat and what is ending up not only in restaurants, but on our grocer's shelves and in our school lunches.  I  have never been so  happy that my kids are packers when it comes  to lunch!  Jamie Oliver brought this and the "ammonia wash" to light in his Food Revolution.  If you haven't seen it on youtube yet, check it out here!!

Watching this, hearing this, seeing this...it made me feel angry, helpless, victimized!  Join the Revolution!  Did you know that studies are starting to show that we may outlive our children?  What have we allowed society to do to us?  How  can we make this better? 

With the idea of the cheapest meat being processed and sold to us, and the huge markup on things like soda...how much would it really cost these  big name fast food restaurants to switch over  to grass fed, organic beef?  how much money would they lose if they served something to the public that was meant for  human consumption?  Come on big business!!

I loved you Mickey D's.  We made memories, we had some laughs...but I  love my children more.  I  may only be one person, and we may only be one family...but it's a start!  Take a stand! 

You can contact these chains and make your voice heard!   
Burger  King
Taco Bell

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