Monday, June 9, 2014

Cause I'm Happy

I have now completed my Stress Management and Resilience Training at work, and I have to say...I was hesitant about signing up for it, but it ended up being pretty awesome!  I learned some very useful techniques about how to quickly detox yourself from stress, about how to breathe through stressful situations but most importantly I was reminded about how important it is to take care of me. 

With this completion of this class, I feel now is a GREAT time to talk to you about Happify!  This class and this site came together at the perfect time in my life!  Happify is site that has science-based tracks to help you reach a happier state, and lets be honest...who doesn't want to be happier.  Its made of fun games and activities that you can do anywhere...I mean literally anywhere from a pc or even your phone or other mobile device.  The activities are based on more than 10 years of research by docs from major institutions (and working at a major medical institution I am picky), and they are designed to help you think and build a happier life. 

This morning I received an update from Happify about mindfulness.  I have to be honest, had h\I been sent this link 8 weeks ago I would have been ;like "WHAT?!?!" but mindfulness was a key component to my stress management class.  Its about being in the actual moment as it happens, not worrying about the future or fretting over the past, but the here and now.  How often do we actually do that? Live in the now?  I didn't realize how bad I was at that until I took this class.  Its being totally aware...mind, body, spirit in the present experience. 

For some of you this may sound crazy, or a little too new-agey.  It was to me at first too, but just take a moment and check out the site, you won't be sorry.  If nothing else, you will get a few minutes of quiet reflection to recharge your battery! 

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