Monday, May 19, 2014

Treadmill...or dreadmill

Ok, so I have been REALLY good about making time for me and getting my runs in over the past month (go me)!  I have been making sure the hubs and I both have time to do what we need to as part of our training...we work hard to help each other.  You know who doesn't help and doesn't play fair though...Mother Nature.  She has been a rather nasty piece of work the past week and it looks like she is going to continue with her fickle ways for a few more weeks.  Drat!

Normally, this would be ok, but I am loving getting some running back in on a regular basis...I also have high hopes that scheduling will work out for me to do a 5K the first weekend in June!  So as to not be totally thwarted by Mama Nature, the hubs and I hit the indoor track one day last week and the other day we hit the dreadmill treadmill.  The indoor track was fine and would be the better option from here on out if I could just remember to count my laps :)  I was okay at the start...but between dodging college students, listening to the C25K interval changes and pushing faster to get closer to the big fan...I lost track.

The C25K has a GPS tracker in the program, but when you are on a 200 meter track not really moving too doesn't really register.  So the next day that I needed to get a run in I opted for the treadmill.  I figured at least I would know how far I ran with the treadmill and wouldn't have to burden my poor brain (LOL) with counting.  So I hoped on the treadmill, set my incline and set to it.  I felt so good after a while that I didn't even take all of the walk breaks.  So imagine my surprise when I got to the end and hadn't even gotten to the 3 mile mark.  I have been hitting that since the first week.  Even after not running for a year, I was able to break 3 miles in my first outing. 

When I got home, the hubs told me a matching story from his treadmill experience, and he covers his display so he can't see the distance while he is running so he was SUPER surprised.  I kept trying to push harder and harder but to no avail.  It was so depressing! 

So...has anyone else ever noticed this discrepancy?  I feel so treadmill cheated!

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