Friday, May 30, 2014

Crossing Over

This is my first ever cross-post.  What am I talking about, well let me briefly explain.  I am lucky enough to write with  three fabulous ladies  at The Journey (um, yes Jessica, Cori and Jenny I am talking about you) ...I also have my own personal blog over at BlogSpot, Waits and Measurements.  Now I am a chatty Kathy...anyone who knows me will tell you that...I mean...I like to chat it up, much to my poor husband's dismay sometimes...but I have to admit that I am finding it hard to chat it up sometimes on 2 sites, so I am going to try doing the occasional cross-post.
This month at The Journey, we have been focused on our children and their health and fitness.  What a GREAT way to kick off summer vacation.  I have been trying at our house to piggy back on something Jessica did and go as electronics free as we can in the evenings once I'm home from work.  Jessica did a week-long series on it, check out her wrap up here.  My hubby keeps the kiddos busy with activities and field trips during the day, then when I get home and he heads off to work...I try and keep them moving and trying new things.  Now for those of you who read my posts regularly know, we are a soccer family.  I mean, we are ALWAYS at soccer it seems...but it is something my girls love, it keeps them moving and they are so fun to watch.  So this month has had  a LOT of soccer for my oldest daughter.  She is just amazing.  It's like she can sense the game.  She knows just how hard to kick the ball, what part of her foot to use, where to direct it...she is one with the game.  AH-MAY-ZING!
The mini me is getting pretty good too...she is well on her way to being just like sissy (which I'm pretty sure is all she wants in the whole world right now).
May also meant recital month for our tiny dancer.  She is definitely a stage person (another fine trait that I have passed on to her).  I sat in the auditorium and cried she was so darn cute on that stage.  The crowd LOVED them and she dazzled.
What I love the most is how passionate they both are about the physical activities they do.  They really do put their little hearts into it and it makes me so proud, it also makes me happy that they love moving so much.  I see so many children that are just not doing anything...whether its because there is no motivation from home, or a lack of interest...I don't know.  So I relish every time the kiddos ask to do something outside...or get moving.
Our newest adventure since the weather has finally gotten nice, is evening bike rides.  I love that both my girls like to ride with me.  My oldest is very patient about how stop and go we are when mini goes, but she and I try to make sure we get in a nice ride just the two of us as well when we can.  Mini me is working hard on her safety (have to get ready for Safety Town next month).  we are working on crossing the street on foot and on our bike, steering, speed, traffic signs.  The next big move is to practice riding without our training wheels.  She goes back and forth on this one, but my hubby has come up with what I think is a pretty genius way to work on no training wheels.  I will clue you in more once we practice it a bit more.
We are lucky enough to live close to a great (and huge) park system, so I took a half day last week and mini me and I took her bike to the bike path to practice.  I got some running, some walking in and she pedaled away.  It was so nice.
2014-05-23 13.53.04
What fun activities are you doing with your family to get and stay active this summer?!?!
For all my Waits and Measurements fans...I hope you stop by The Journey and check out what we are doing over there...its pretty awesome!
For all our fans at The Journey, hope you can stop by Waits and Measurements sometime.
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