Friday, April 18, 2014

My Kiddos

my babies

Look at these two faces...OMG they make my heart full and happy!  They are the driving force behind my wanting to get healthier and in better shape.  They inspire me, motivate me, make me crazy at times, but they are the reasons I wake up in the morning!  I am so blessed to be able to be their Mom and want to be around for them for a long, LONG time! 

My focus since starting this blog has really been about them.  It has been to inspire them to be healthy and fit.  To show them "See Mommy and Dadoo are doing it, you can too!"  They are both active in their own ways but I feel like we need more.  They both play soccer.  My oldest on our local city travel team and on a premier level mini in a "munchkin" league (too cute), plus they will play and practice together.
my girls enjoying the sunshine as they play together
My oldest also does horse back riding.  She LOVES it.  She smiles through her entire lesson.  She is prepping to starting jumping in the next few weeks (nervous Momma) and for her first show this summer.  She has been riding for six years and the strength she gets from it (both physically and mentally) is amazing!
sorry its blurry, its through the glass in the observation room

My mini me is still doing her swim classes which she really enjoys.  She is a natural born "floater" which is the exact opposite of her sister.  She will do pretty much whatever the teacher says as long as Mom isn't watching.  If I am there, she refuses to put her head under.  If she thinks I'm not watching and I catch her dive from the side and go under she insists I saw it incorrectly.  The little stinker.
Momma's little floater
Mini is also still dancing.  After the Christmas holiday we stepped it up a notch from just tap and ballet to tap, ballet and acro.  She is too cute learning cartwheels and back bends.  She is starting to really like all three components to her "dance" class now.  They are too darn cute with their recital dance too.  OMG!
my little dancer is on the left
As any parent would, I have concern about making sure they are getting enough activity and the right food to fuel their ever growing bodies.  My oldest was concerned after her last physical that she was on the high end of the BMI scale.  Mini had the same high BMI at her 4 year check up, but as I said when I posted about pediatrician puts NO stock in BMI calculators.  This got me thinking though, could I be doing more for them? 

Then one night while my hubby was working out, mini was playing on nick junior on the computer.  Every few minutes she was asking for a snack.  This went on for the entire 50 minutes he worked out.  Once he was done he watched  a few minutes of the computer time with her to find that she most likely kept asking for treats and snacks because every few minutes there were commercials most of which were focused on snacks.  Can you say RED FLAG????  Couple this with my 12 year olds obsession with both her iPod and kindle and locking herself in her room as most tweens seem to do...

Then as in response to this new found fact, I get an email from Fitness Magazine the next day with the subject line How Healthy is Your Family?  I like to think that we keep the kids fairly active, as well as ourselves but now I'm nervous.  With both of the girls BMI;s being higher than normal, should I be making them do more?  This article said that "a new study suggests short bursts of exercise-as little as 15 minutes-can dramatically reduce your child's risk of Type 2 diabetes."  That night I was putting away laundry and mini asked to help.  We had  a lot of laundry to out away, I mean a of the apocalypse DIDN'T happen so now I need to do something for clean underwear a lot, and she wanted to help.  She ran back and forth from my room to hers as she only likes to out away 1 thing at a time.  SUCCESS!  That took her close to 20 minutes of running back and forth.  Then on "family dog walk" she wanted to walk and not be pushed along in the stroller.  SUCCESS!  Before I even had a chance to worry about the big girl, her soccer coaches (on both teams) have instituted a new conditioning format at practices.  The hubs watched last night and said its running with bursts of "Insanity like" exercises.  Hopefully these steps will make a difference. 

We (the hubs and I) have also committed to adding in more family exercise...jogs in the park coupled with bike rides...the kids, the parents and the pup are all en route to healthier lives.  I am loving it! 

Now if I could just kick this cough and give my workouts 100% I'd be SUPER happy, but hey...I'm still pushing through...even 60% is better than 0%!!!

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