Monday, April 14, 2014

I like to move it, move it

Yesterday was a big day for me step wise.  I always laugh at how many more steps I get at home on the weekends as compares to during the week at work.  I laugh because my parking garage is a quarter mile walk from my building so I do that twice a day, I work on the 3rd floor so I do those stairs at least twice a day, I am up moving around to and from meetings, other offices, the restroom...and some days I am lucky to hit my goal of 11K.  Even with workouts, some nights I find myself jogging in place until I feel that sweet little vibration on my wrist saying that fitbit captured my 11K steps for the day. 

Yesterday was a perfect reminder of how much more active I am at home.  This badge is the one I earned yesterday.  I hit (and exceeded) 20K steps in one day.  It was a gorgeous day, sunny with a nice breeze, 78 degrees, so we set to spring cleaning and airing out the house, got the kiddos outside playing, did a lot of yard clean up from the winter...all for not as it is supposed to snow again tonight.  Don't even get me started on that one though. 

mini me enjoying the sandbox

my girls kicking the soccer ball around together
It was SO nice out.  We spent all day Saturday (another beautiful day) enjoying the big kid in 2 soccer games.  Mini me had a nice sideline game going herself with me for a bit, then Dadoo, then Papa...then another little girl who was there watching her big sister play.  After we got home though it was snack and bedtime, and my mini me was NOT happy.  She didn't get to do anything that SHE wanted to do, so we made a mental list and set to it Sunday morning.  Some things were added as we went along because she hadn't even thought of them.  How did I get 20K steps (outside of cleaning and laundry)...this is how:
Mini Me's Nice Day Wishlist
  • play Polly Pockets
  • play Littlest Pet Shop
  • play cots (aka school...she likes setting up for naptime)
  • ride bike
  • ride big wheel
  • ride scooter
  • build a fort
  • play soccer in the front yard
  • play in the sand box
  • play in the yard
  • do chalk drawings
By the end of the day we had dinner and a bath and were pretty tired out.  The past few nights bedtime ahs been a meltdown because we were at THAT point of overtired.  Last night, we hit the meltdown at bath time, so by the time we were jammied, teeth brushed, and ready to go...she snuggle next to me in bed and was out literally in 5 minutes.  I am excited that (sporadically) the nice weather is here and we will have many more days like yesterday.  I would say that Sunday was a success for both of us.

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