Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Class Act

My place of employment is offering a bunch of great incentives as part of their wellness initiative. One is that we can get money back for participating in various classes.  This week is week 3 of 8 that I will be attending a stress management and resilience class.  I an also starting a 12 week nutrition and exercise class.  If we complete the classes we get $100 per class at the end of the year.  How's THAT for incentive?!?!

I am excited to see what the nutrition and exercise class offers.  I am hoping to be able to really implement a lot of it into my daily life, especially the nutrition information.  I feel like we are working hard on making better choices, but would love to learn more about the science of healthy choices and work on that as well. 

As for the stress management, it is going well.  We have learned various breathing techniques (many of which I already knew from my voice training), we are also talking a lot about being mindful of ourselves.  We are encouraged to journal about things, and I thought what better platform for that then right here. 

I have to admit, I am struggling with this class some. The teacher is great and the content is amazing but I didn't really want to take the class right now, but my boss did.  Then she guilted me into doing it because she is so stressed and wouldn't do it alone. Now I almost dread the classes because I have to go sit for an hour trying to relax but being very aware of my boss and her "stress" next to me (we can't sit separately) and then for the remainder of the afternoon about how she is "being mindful" of this or that (mindfulness was last weeks topic). 

I don't know that I will be any less stresses at the end of this, but at least I will have tools in my arsenal to practice outside of work hours.  Hopefully, THAT can help!
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