Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Trying to (vitamin)D-feat sickness

I am over winter!  I love snow and all, it's very pretty for Christmas, but by mid-March...I am over it. Especially since this year has been crazy.  We have temps in the 60's  one day, then negative teens the next.  Sadly, I am not even exaggerating for dramatic flair.  It's been a long, hard winter here in northeast Ohio.  With all the bitter cold, and then the fluctuations people are bound to get sick.  I feel like a part of me (and most of the people I know) have actually suffered some this year from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) just from it being SO cold you couldn't be outside. 

So with warm days promised earlier this week (not today, today beings yet another Snowpocolypse) I had visions of grandeur with the kiddos.  Being outside, riding bikes, roller skating, walking the dog as a family...but alas and alack...the temperature jumps and drops hit our house and I was home Monday with two sick kiddos.

Mini me was just a congested, snotty mess.  You've seen it at daycare, the nose running non-stop yet somehow the voice comes out all congested and sad.  No fever, no need for meds, but also no sleep which makes for a miserable kiddo and miserable parents.  My big girl started in with a cough late last week that was up and down with how she felt but then was on overdrive by Sunday (of course...the pediatrician isn't open then right). 

So bright and early Monday morning we are on the road to the doc.  Doc listens to her lungs and has her try to blow a pinwheel.  Sad.  Doc says, "That sounds terrible in there."  So they decide to give her a breathing treatment. 

double whammy to a 12.5 year old...breathing treatment inn a farmyard room

Doc comes back 10 minutes later and big girl can make the pinwheel go around with out coughing.  We go home with an inhaler to use until feeling better.  My poor sweetie.

So later that day, since it was SO nice outside, I decide to go clean up after the pup in the yard.  All the melted snow has left a treasure trove of "doggy surprises" in the yard.  Since it was sunny and warm...and made the girls come outside with me for a bit.  They were confused about being outside when sick, well for the pre-teen confused is the wrong word...aggravated that I pulled her from her bed and kindle seems more accurate. 

I told them they needed some fresh air and Vitamin D.  I expected the look of confusion from my mini, but I KNOW I have talked to big girl about this.  Did they get a HUGE amount of Vitamin D from sitting on our porch steps for 30 minutes in NE Ohio in March...probably not but they should have gotten at least some, and couple that with the fresh air...I think that is why BOTH were feeling much better by bedtime.  A little modern medicine, a little Mother Nature, and a lot of love from Mom!!!

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