Friday, March 21, 2014

Steps Ahoy

I found this image online today and just loved it!  I knew I had to share it with you and that it would fit perfectly with this post.  SO...if you have been with me for a while you know I like a good competition.  Its healthy.  Its fun.  Its has limits.  I am a firm believer in competition, which is why as a parent I am having a hard time with this new idea of "everyone wins" that people want to teach their children.  It's okay for kids to learn how to take defeat, its necessary.  Life wont always be a silver platter...but I digress as that is another post for another day.  I am teaching my girls that it isn't about winning or losing, its about being gracious and humble at the end.  It's about proving to your self that you did your best, and working as a team to reach a goal.  If at the end of the game your team doesn't take home the should at least take home a sense of success that you gave your all.

With only 21 weeks left until our beach vacation, I am doing my best to make sure I get in all my workouts and stuck to my calories.  I have said before, its important to acknowledge ALL types of exercise...whether its walking the dog or doing all counts!  So, when my friend Maura started talking smack about my steps on triggered that old sense of competition.  So now my friends, its on like Donkey Kong.

Back in the day when I was being super diligent about just getting in my steps, I was averaging 15K a day.  15k!  But according to my Fitbit I am barely getting in 10K.  Now, I know some of this is because I am focusing on workouts rather than steps, but in all honesty, I should be focusing on both right?!?!  So last night my phone rings and its my fiend Maura (also planning a beach vacay) and she tells me to sit on my couch and quit walking because she is going to beat me today. Since I had been asleep when the phone rang, I knew she was right.  :)  But then today she emails me at work that she is jogging 100 steps in place every time she has to get up at work.  WHAT!  Ok, I can play this game too.   So there you have it, healthy competition.  Literally because we are working o being healthier through our steps and exercising! 
So who wants to issue the next challenge?  How many steps can YOU get in one day?!?!

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