Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Not So Guilty Pleasures

Good bye guilt!  I can honestly say that I never thought I would be able think those words, let alone say them out loud.  I have always been an "all in" kind of gal, so when I make a plan of attack and it doesn't follow through 100% I always tended to chuck it all as a failure.  I would feel so guilty about missing a workout, or eating more calories then I allotted myself for a day that I would go on a bender and wallow in my guilt and depression over it.  I always come back to you though, my readers and I feel a sense of loyalty to you.  To explain why I failed or how I am going to succeed (fingers crossed) next time. 

So the hubs has been sick and I have just been feeling  out of sorts, so my workouts have been less then stellar, as in I remembered that counting taking the dog for a walk counts as SOMETHING!  food wise I have been okay though for the most part, a little over on a few days, but diligently  tracking.  Last night though I was in shock and a bit terrified to input my dinner.    We went to a new (to us) restaurant and the special was an Italian buffet.  As I have been avoiding gluten I was worried about my tummy first and foremost, but then all that cheese and sauce and deliciousness and quite frankly my mouth started to water at the thought of lasagna.

After trying (small GO ME) portions of various things, and devouring my salad, I ended up doing ok for the night.  It was the ice cream cone after my 12 year olds band concert that pushed my calories over the top for the day (totally worth it BTW).  What was most shocking was even while I was eating, I thought to myself...tomorrow is another day.  You don't have to be perfect all the time.

This line of thought s still new to me, but the fact that I am getting there makes me believe that this time the journey is different.  I think I will be MUCH more successful at my attempts this time.  We are back on track today calorie wise, have a few good workouts lined up for the next few days.  I'm ready to rock!
How do you handle guilt on your journey?
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