Friday, March 14, 2014

hAPPy Friday

A long time ago I wrote a post about apps that I was loving at the time.  The nice thing is I still rely on almost all of the original ones I wrote about. My fitness pal is a staple.  I got the hubs on it now too and its gotten so much easier.  I used to freak if I forgot to enter something, but now its just part of my daily routine...bad choices and all.

Overdrive media console.  I <3 U!  My commute to work is about 30 minutes each way.  With the winter we have had though, that has ranged anywhere from the standard 30 minutes to upwards of 90.  THANK GOODNESS for Overdrive Media.  It allows me to select audio books from the library to enjoy through my iPhone.  I just plug my phone into my cars speaker system and away we go. (PS I am looking for suggestions for good books right now).

I was a big Pandora fan until I discovered the joy of Spotify.  You can ask it for a specific artist and get THAT artist...not just ones that are believed to be similar.  Sorry Pandora, you have been replaced.

My newest addiction is the calories burned calculator app.  I <3 it because after a great workout the last thing I want (or sometimes can even manage to think about) is figuring out how to enter my workout on Fitbit.  This app has everything I have done so far from The Biggest Loser to Insanity.  I enter my weight, amount of time and then select the activity and I have a calorie burn to enter. 

Finally, my fav.  My sweet, pink Fitbit.  I was sad when I first got my Fitbit Flex because I had an iPhone 4 and found out that I couldn't sync via my phone.  I carried my sync dongle back and forth to work with me because I couldn't wait until I got home to see how I was doing each day.  Now that I have been able to get my upgrade I enjoy synching whenever and wherever I want.

What are some of your favorite apps for living healthy?
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