Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Baby Fever Part 1

I feel like everywhere I turn, people are announcing that they are having babies.  Three moms from dance, the daughter of a co-worker, an old college friend, 2 amazing bloggers.  It is such an amazing and exciting time and one that I remember with such fondness.  I loved being pregnant.  It was one of the most amazing, rewarding, humbling, perfect experiences of my life.  When my mini was born, it was bittersweet to me as I knew how much I was going to miss being pregnant, but how happy I was to finally, FINALLY hold that sweet baby girl in my arms. 

 I have found that most women either LOVE being pregnant (that was me) or hate it.  There isn't much of a middle ground.  This is so strange to me, but I also realize that everyone's experience is different.  Looking back now, I smile with every memory.  Every moment of fear, cravings, nausea, tears...all of it!  So in the spirit of all things baby lately, I thought I'd  share my experience.  Maybe it will help one of you out there going through your own journey with bambino...maybe it will entertain you, maybe you will just be like WTH!  I mean, seriously..who knows, one of the joys of motherhood is the hormone roller coaster right?!!?!

When the hubs and I decided it was time to expand our family, we did just that.  We made the decision at the start of December and by the end I was prego!  I had a feeling I was too.  I remember thinking that our lives were going to change, and sure enough I was right.  We had a regular Sunday morning with the hubs making eggs, sausage and toast and I remember thinking "Why would he do that?  Why would he make something so disgusting?"  The smell of the sausage set me off.  Clue #1.  We had a post-Christmas pre-New Years brunch with fiends and I found myself staying away from the rum punch on instinct.  Now anyone who knows me knows that I must be part pirate that way I heart rum!  I just couldn't do it, something kept me away.  Clue #2.  Same thing on New Years Eve.  We had a fabulous time with friends and I somehow managed to spill my entire drink and stuck to soda and water.  Clue #3.

Finally my "friend" didn't arrive so we bought a home test (or 2).  I took it, waited and started to cry.  If I wasn't pregnant how could all these things be happening?  It didn't make sense.  My wonderful hubby reminded me that its rare to actually get pregnant on the first try.  But I had been SO certain.  It just made no sense.  I found myself sitting in the bathroom staring at the test, and thinking why isn't that second line darker.  It's just so faint.  I can barely see it.  Clue #4.  I said all this to my hubby and he looked too and then he waivered.  It was barely visible, but it was there.  Could it be?  Well, I could only be sure with a 2nd test right?  Right!  So test box #2 was ripped open, I was chugging water, and then finally....same thing.  A barely visible little line.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! 

I ended up getting one of those fancy digital kits and whammo!  It barely took 10 seconds before that sweet little box said PREGNANT!  I was thrilled!  I was terrified!  I was complete!  I called the doc to make it officially official!  The nurse and I were talking and she asked the basic questions, "Are you late? How late?"  When I told her about the multitude of tests, she just kind of giggled and told me "No matter how faint, a line is a line."  I had to laugh with her.

And that is where the journey began.  I got myself on prenatals, cut back my caffeine, and kept up with my workouts.  A very focused and healthy business as usual.  I was doing great, no reason for people to know until we were ready to tell them.  Had my first prenatal visit where the doctor confirmed (one last time for me) that we were in fact pregnant!  My amazing hubby came to all those first appointments, until finally the sameness of them was enough that I felt bad and gave him the ok to skip.  He of course came to all the big ones...first time we heard that fluttering heart beat, first time we saw her sweet little face.

We were golden...until the night in the Mexican restaurant.  We have two dear, dear friends that we love and who have been blessed with 13 grandchildren so far.  We were at dinner having Mexican (I love me some Mexican), and I was eating chips and salsa like ti was my job.  I had been talking about the fajitas I was going to eat all day (throughout my pregnancy I was all about protein), and when that delicious sizzling plate was put down before me I turned green and made a dash for the bathroom.  That was all it took.  The cat was out of the bag.  Experienced grandparents KNOW that when you have that quick of an aversion...there is only one explanation.

to be continued...

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