Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Love the Skin You Are In GIVEAWAY!!!

Hello friends, today is a big day for so many reasons!!!  I have been bursting at the seams to share some INCREDIBLE news with you all and today I get to spill the beans!  Yours truly has been asked (and graciously and humbly accepted the offer) to join forces with two ah-may-zing women over at The Journey!!  I will be joining their incredible blog team (as well as keeping my little love affair here) as of today!  I am SO excited!  I have mentioned Cori and Jessica here before, they are the brain trust behind the small changes big picture challenge I have been doing over the past 11 weeks, and I have to say this is a challenge that really just clicked for me!  It has been eye opening, inspiring, challenging, frustration, amazing...and the changes I am seeing in my everyday life and how I look at food and fitness and most importantly my SELF has changed so much...for the better!  Make sure you stop by and check us out on wordpress and over at Facebook

Awesome day right?!?  But it gets better.  What?  how can that be you ask?  Well I will tell you, we are doing a giveaway here on W&M.  One of the things I absolutely love about social media is reconnecting with bold friends and helping them to share in their successes since you have seen them last.  Well, my friend Amanda has landed herself a sweet gig.  She is the VP of Marketing and Operations at Hylunia.  Haven't heard of it?  Well, you will right now.   As I posted back in December, it has been one DRY winter.  I have been drinking my water, using my Palmers, but still I can see the effects (sadly not good ones) the cold and dry has been taking on my skin...especially my face.  BOO!

So I decided to reach out to my long lost friend Amanda to see if she would be interested in sending some goodies for me to test and review with the option of a GIVEAWAY!  She agreed and we were on our way.  So, let me tell you first of all...I am not generally a believer in overnight success stories as much as I would like to believe that I will see those last ten pounds melt away after one workout...I know what reality is.  Well, that idea, that notion that overnight wonders can't happen has been shattered.  Enter the Hylunia Beyond Complex C.   I swear, after two days I look younger.  It's my own little miracle in a bottle.  So much so that I actually asked for one more bottle to give to one of you.  My skin feels amazing after I out this on, two TINY little pea sized amounts twice a day and I feel like I am looking younger (if you can ignore the gray "sparkles" that are getting colored over tonight).  It has quickly become my favorite weapon in my arsenal.  I just feel good after I out it on. 

Awesome stuff right?  Well that's not all.  She also sent me some Healing and Restoring Cream.  This stuff is just off the charts awesome!  My skin has been beyond dry this winter, but my oldest also has a minor case of eczema and we are seeing an improvement already!  In just a few short weeks. It's soothing and has a wonderful scent and just makes me feel calm and pampered. 

In a world where SO many things are fake, I love that this is a high quality product that offers a holistic approach to skin care.  It's vegan friendly, gluten-free, cruelty-free, fragrance, phosphate and paraben free!  It is full of safe, organic and natural ingredients and delivers results!

Now it is your turn!  With Valentine's Day coming up we think of those people we want to share our love with and make them feel special...well don't forget YOURSELF!!  It is important to love yourself and you DESERVE a little pampering just for you! 

Good luck!!

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