Friday, February 7, 2014

Gold Medal weekend

We are BIG fans of the Olympics in our house!  We were actually on vacation the last time the summer Olympics came on and raced to a stopping point for the night to make sure we got to see the opening ceremonies.  My oldest understands what the Olympics are all about and enjoys the ceremony of mini is still figuring it out so to help...we took advantage of our snow days this week and made some Olympic themed crafts to get her into the spirit!  (Yeah, each colored ring has a different tactile bit of fun on it).

As I have been coming to grips with my new attitude on my own fitness, and that of my family, I have discovered a whole new importance to the Olympic games.  In the past I have sat in awe of the talent and artistry of these athletes...but for the first time that I can remember I am thinking about how I can use them to motivate myself and my family.  Do we need (or want) that level of discipline, no...but think of the power of fitness and good health.  (Yes, I am choosing to ignore anything artificial that may have helped some in the past rise to the top).

I can sit with my girls and explain to the mini how much practice and time goes into something, and now that she is involved in m ore activities we can draw comparisons,  Just last night while watching the figure skating qualifiers she said "Mom, its like ballet on ice."  YES!!!  It is...and she sees it.  So we talked about how you have to eat healthy to fuel your body and you have to exercise to be able to do the jumps and things.

I am looking forward to the Olympics because...well they are the OLYMPICS, but I am also looking forward to seeing how my girls react and comment on seeing these great athletes!

And now...the torch...

Will you be watching Team USA?  What is your favorite winter Olympic event?

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