Friday, January 31, 2014

The power of positive thinking

Oh wow what a week!  Thanks to all of you who should support over on my face book page, both my personal one and the Waits and Measurements one.  Your kind words and prayers are appreciated.  Ever have one of those weeks where everything kind of hits you all at once? That has been ours.  My hubby's grandmother passed away, then we found out our neighbor was diagnosed with end stage cancer, and  then we find out that dear, dear friends of ours who have been battling brain cancer for the better part of three years is back in for emergency surgery because they found something bad on an MRI.  I had plans all week to post and then one thing after another kept building up until I actually broke down in tears at work yesterday. 

It just seems that sometimes life can be so unfair.  We work so hard to protect ourselves and our families from things.  We teach our children how to be safe and still monitor everything they do (sometimes on the DL because you can't be the uncool parent to your pre-teen)...but we are there.  This blog started with the hope of bettering my health and wellness along with my families.  We workout, we eat healthy (well healthier then we did) and sometimes its just never enough.

I don't want to be a Debbie downer, especially on a Friday.  It is supposed to be a fabulous TGIF day right?!?!  So when I sat to start writing this I wanted to find some way to be honest with you all and express my feelings but also to try and find a sliver of a silver lining.  I randomly started to look for an image that would maybe hopefully work, and that is when I found the one above.

Life can be unfair sometimes, but that's no reason to give up on it. 
Remember, its the tough situation that make you a better person in the end.
Is it strange that this brings me such peace of mind?  It's true.  I have seen it myself.  When I was preggers with my sweet mini, my cousin was diagnosed with lymphoma and stayed so positive through the whole process of finding out, treatment, remission.  It was amazing to me.  He never lost his smile or drive to be healthy.  He did lose his eyebrows :)  He was already bald so he wasn't worried about his hair so much.
Our friend Tonya, who has been battling brain cancer, always seems to have a smile.  her and her wonderful husband, their adorable little girl, they take each update in and find the will to persevere.  I don't know how they do it, but they pray and find support in the love and strength of friends and always find the good in each thing.  Both Tonya and my cousin have CONVINCED me that there is such strength in how you feel mentally.  Being healthy is of course impacted by what you eat and if you exercise, but NEVER forget the importance of positive thinking.
I have seen a lot of sites talking about the importance of self love lately.  My friends Jessica and Cori over at The Journey: Small  Changes Big Picture have a challenge going right now that is just amazing!  Part of that challenge was about appreciating ourselves and loving our selves.  POSITIVE THINKING!  It starts with loving ourselves enough to not only take care of ourselves but to FIGHT for ourselves and that is what my cousin did, that is what Tonya is doing, that is what we ALL need to do!  Keep sharing the love and support.  I find such solace in opening my blog and seeing your comments, or opening my face book page and seeing the kind words that people share and the fact that they are sharing my page with others.  It keeps me moving and motivated....and luckily (so far) I have been blessed with good health.
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