Monday, January 27, 2014

Not "flaking" out

As the weather gets colder and we distance ourselves from News Years's I know that in the past with the dropping of snow flakes came the dropping of resolutions, at least it always did for me in the past.  But this year I am not (snow) flaking out!  I can tell that this time around with my workouts and eating habits its different.  This time it feels like the stakes are higher, like we (the hubs and I) are REALLY going to commit to it.  Some of it is that we are realizing we aren't getting any younger (HA) but I think it all comes back to one conversation, one moment after a workout when my amazing hubs said he felt ALIVE!!  That made it all click into place.

Part of what spurred me to start this blog was the need for accountability out side of myself.  To know that there is a group of people who are looking for me to succeed, who are cheering me on from a distance.  I love that about this blog and about the facebook page, but it's more than that. I wanted to be a good role model for my kids and inspire them into being healthier.  And I have to say I am seeing it succeed!   My oldest has always been good, she is an athlete.  She is also now a pre-teen though which means a good chunk of her free time is supposed ton be dedicated to texting, instagraming, and pinning right? LOL  So when there are breaks in her sporting schedule we do need to nudge her some...this has been fun.  I did get her to join her sister in some Wii fit games last week and that was fun, after forcing her to do boot camp a few weeks ago (terrible Mom I know).  :)

My mini me, well she is a workout junky!  She loves her yoga, just "upgraded" (read more expensive) dance classes to one that includes acrobats along with tap and ballet, and we took the plunge (love my wordplay today) with swim lessons.  SHE is the one who asks the hubs and I everyday...when are you working out today?  Are you working out.  She likes to sit on the couch with the ipad and look up and cheer us on, or count down reps with the videos.  How awesome is that!

And yesterday, I caught the hubs tracking his food on myfitnesspal too!  We are finally becoming the family I had hoped we would become when this blog started!  And as we get closer to better health, I realize what seemed like such a HUGE step then is really just a baby step now.  This isn't about losing a few pounds anymore, this is about life style choices....and life in general.  I am proud to sit here and say how STRONG I am starting to feel.  Thin, no but strong YES!  And I can honestly say I'd rather be strong.  I am proud to see muscles toning and building, and I LOVE the way I feel.  Just as my hubby said almost 2 short months ago...I feel alive!

2014....this is OUR year!!

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