Sunday, December 29, 2013

Warmth Abounds

I love getting ready for the holidays!  I love getting out all of our decorations and making the house look festive!  I love getting gifts ready that I think people will really like.  I love all the excitement of Santa coming and the sheer joy of Christmas  morning.

Even with so much joy on the horizon though there is still that lurking thought in the back of my mind.  The question no one actually asks out loud but it is there like a giant elephant on the room.  How much damage are these few weeks going to do?  It's a time when we feel we can loosen the ropes some and just indulge.  

I am quite happy to say that this year the hubs and I did a pretty good job of staying on target.  We had a cookie here or there, and a few items that were far from gluten free, but in all honesty we stayed pretty close to the line with our meals.  We even had a healthy good challenge for our annual Christmakkah party.  There was garden vegetable soup, dill matzo ball soup, GF pasta and marinara, veggie tray, so many good healthy choices!  It was awesome!  

Where we have been "less then successful" (as failure is NOT an option) is in our workouts.  We have been running on empty and just enjoying time with the kids and family and friends!  But today, we are turning it around!  When I was a kid, Christmas break was all snow forts and sledding.  The weather lately though is so crazy that instead of donning snow pants we were outside in our jackets and the girls were roller blading/skating and riding bikes yesterday.  The unseasonal warmth was a great reminder to the hubs and I though of the importance of getting out there and moving!  It felt great having the sun in my face and watching the girls being so active (and silly).  

How have you been doing with all the holiday craziness??? 

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