Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thankful for the "little" things

This little ball of sunshine is my sweet mini me!  I will openly admit that I LOVE that she is a tiny version of me.  I was jealous for YEARS with my older daughter.  The sun would rise and set on Daddy with my oldest...but this little stinker....she is Mommy's girl through and through.  We had her big holiday dance concert this past weekend, and my heart was bursting with pride watching her smile and dance up on that stage.  Sitting next to MY mom who knew EXACTLY who I was she had felt that same way $%$& number of years ago with me on the stage.  She smiled, knew her dance, and you could see the joy sparkle in her eyes.  She LOVES to dance.

This beautiful crew is my oldest (in the middle) with two of her BFF's (whom I love like they're my own as well).  My big girl is strong and smart, tender hearted and funny.  I know why she is a Daddy's girl because I see so much of him in her.  The very best qualities he has are part of her soul.  She makes me so proud, and as my first, holds a special place as she is the one who gave me the gift of being a mom.  She gets more and more challenging everyday as she figures herself out and moves closer to the teenage years, but she makes my heart so happy it could burst!

And this guy right here...this is my hubby!  I loved him before I even knew him.  He really is the other half of me.  He gave me the greatest gift I could have ever hoped for (yep, you guessed it those two crazy yahoos above).  He loves me faults and all and he encourages, supports and believes in me. 

As I was laying in bed all snuggled up with mini the other night, the hubs came up and told me to get out of bed and workout.  He had just finished his workout, the big girl had already had an hour long riding lesson that day, the little one is in constant motion (although she does like to grab a small hand weight from time to time and join me...or join in a down dog).  I did NOT want to get up, but was so glad I did.  Feeling alive!  These three fill my heart...and are the reason I have to keep it in great shape! 

I am so thankful for my three "little things!"  No need for any gifts under my tree for me as long as I have them!

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