Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday Hunger-stoppers

My sweet and sassy mini is SO excited about the holidays!  We have been busy crafting all sorts of fun projects and writing letters to Santa...and now she wants to know when we are making the cookies.  The hubs and I have fiends that make dozens upon dozens of cookies every year.  They could feed a village on cookies.  We do a few dozen to share with family and Santa and usually call it a day.

We have an annual holiday get together with some fiends of ours too each year at our house and in the past my hubby has made some of the above mentioned cookies for them as "host gifts."  Yes, they are THAT good.  I do tend to boast how awesome my fam is but you don't understand...there aren't words to describe how amazing the hubs cookies are.  They are the only ting that is ever actually requested by the extended family for any and all gatherings...the girls look forward to special events because they know they will be made...they are epic cookies in our household.  He makes both chocolate chip and sugar and they are equally as delish!  I am curious as to whether he is going to attempt them this year with gluten free flour, or just make them "regular" style. 

Now, with the holidays coming up it brings concern as to how to get through the holidays without misbehaving too much.  The hubs and I have been doing really well with not eating the gluten, we also have a friend who is vegan, and most recently we have a family that has decided to cut back on sugar.  Now first and foremost, I am so proud of my family and friends for taking steps towards healthier lives, but with the holidays how is this possible?!?!?!  Well for our annual gathering, to add some fun to the event, I issued a healthy food challenge.  I made no restrictions but have challenged everyone to make the tastiest and healthiest food to bring to our potluck!  Lets not end up pot-bellied from our pot luck!!

So I have been looking for recipes, and am asking you for any suggestions you may have.  IN a perfect world, I would find the yummiest sugar free, non dairy, gluten free item to serve, and I have not lost hope in that endeavor. 

What do you recommend?!?!?!
also, a few resources I have found so far in my searching

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