Monday, December 2, 2013

Feeling Alive!!

Over the past several weeks I have felt sluggish!  Actually more like a sleep deprived lump!  I now my sleep patterns are erratic (thank you fitbit), but even with that, with 7+ hours of "not so great" sleep, I was feeling just blah.  Cutting back on the gluten has helped some...but it wasn't quite the surge I had hoped for.  So, as we sat enjoying Thanksgiving dinner I announced that we would begin exercising again the following day.  No more excuses! 

Everyone at the table agreed.  So we enjoyed out delish dinner (my husband does an ah-may-zing job with the turkey), and this year it was a more "shared responsibility" turkey day which I loved!  usually the hubs takes on the brunt of the cooking, but we spent the better part of the early day enjoying the kids laughter as we worked side by side in the kitchen!  My fav turkey day to date!

While others were battling the crowds to shop deals on Black Friday, we went to the library and got some workout DVD's to try, some more gluten free books and a juicing book (our next possible morning adventure).  I have to say, I am excited about these videos.  We opted for a few of The Biggest Loser workouts.  There is something inspiring about seeing others who are fighting the same good fight as you as opposed to a group of trainers working out.  We have done three days in a row, and I feel GREAT!  My energy is back up where it used to be, I don't feel like I am going to nod off at 6 or 7pm anymore.  It's great!  And because you can customize the workouts we can go anywhere from 25 minutes-an hour!  Loving them so far.

We have done:

LOVE them all so far...the boot camp kicked my butt some, but its great!  My hubs put it the very best way I could think of the other night when he said, "I'm sore, but my muscles feel alive!"

So true!  Alive!!
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