Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Flex

I am SO excited!  I don't know about other parents, but I find it hard sometimes, ok all the time to remember that I am allowed to spoil myself too.  It seems like the girls always need something, or the critters, or the house.  My hubs and I both tend to neglect ourselves and what we want or need to make sure everything else is good and happy.  So for my birthday this year when my mom asked what I wanted I said, "Oh, lets just go shopping."  That way I HAD to get a few new things and wouldn't feel TOO guilty...because lets me honest...Mimi will buy for the granddaughters too if and when she feels like it. :)

So my bday was back at the end of September and we just haven't had time together to go and shop (one of the many yucky things with living an hour away from my parents).  So I am sitting on the computer cruising through my feeds on bloglovin when I opened one from Jen over at Jen's Journey that she titled A Fitbit Family.  I started thinking maybe the hubs would like the new force.  He has been wanting a heart rate monitor but maybe this would work for tracking his calories burned etc.  That's when it hit me.  DUH!!  I have been wanting a fitbit for what feels like forever, but due to my inability to allow myself to get stuff I want I STILL hadn't ordered it. 

With my "a-ha" moment hitting after reading Jen's post, I was then scanning facebook and Fitbit had a link for a refer a friend.  I quickly posted it on my facebook page asking if anyone wanted to earn a refer a friend credit.  Mariana from over at Project Unfluff sent me the link and I talked to my mom and I am excited to say that a fancy new pink breast cancer awareness Fitbit flex is en route as I type this! 

What a good ending to a not so great week...PLUS tomorrow night is our much anticipated DATE NIGHT!!  I am looking forward to a fun evening out with my most favorite fella!  Possibly with a new "accessory" on my arm!!!

What are your weekend plans?!?!?

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