Thursday, October 31, 2013



What a crazy few weeks it has been in the wide world of W&M.  We have been gearing up for Halloween for what feels like weeks in our house.  My sweet mini me LOVES to decorate the house so we have been busy...pumpkins, witches, bats, coloring pages, paint projects, you name it...we have been making it.  We even made our own little wreath for the front door.  What happened to fall close to the holiday this year that she was NOT looking forward to was her 4 year check up.  She is an amazing kid...healthy, strong, full of life, but also full of the biggest, saddest tears a mom could have ever seen as they gave her not 1 but 2 booster shots.  one in each of her sweet little leggies.  I tried to make her feel better with the talk of "Now you are ready for kindergarten...and no more shots until you are 11" but those words were falling on sad, tear stained deaf ears.    I just sat in the exam room holding my sweet, sweet girl wile she cried.

That same day my best friend of nearly 3 decades called to tell me her grandfather got his angel wings.  He had been sick for a while, and in my heart I knew this was bittersweet he isn't in pain any more, but still...what a devastating blow.   I called my parents who were on vacation, gave them the news.  We got flowers ordered and I made arrangements to not be at work on Monday so I could be there for my BFF as we celebrated the life of an amazing man. 

Now, not everything was a "Debbie downer" though.  What also happened on Friday morning is the great opportunity I alluded too yesterday.  I have mentioned (many times I know) my little home based business I do with the girls and the hubs.  Well, Friday morning before we started a day of doc visits (mini me had her 1st eye exam that day as well)...I meet with the owner of a local kids resale store and guess what...she wants to carry some of my creations in her store!!!  Ardeline Arts & Crafts is starting a whole new page...a whole new adventure!  This is exciting and scary all at once! 

I am also eagerly waiting to find out if I made the cut for Fit Fluential to be an ambassador.  The application process closes today so if you are interested...get it in there folks!!  I am thinking of joining the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge (HBBC) which I discovered thanks to Kim over at Fabulous Fit Foodie.  I feel like its just the right motivation to keep me on track over the holidays.  I mean, I am =very proud to admit that I still have a completely unopened bag of some of my fav treats that I bought to give out to trick or treaters last week!  In my house, that is a miracle.  We are usually buying more the day before!!

What are your plans to stay focused during the holidays??
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