Friday, October 18, 2013

Warm, toasty and inspired

mini me modeling her new scarf made by momma

I'm not sure why the cool weather inspires me so much, but it just does.  Once the weather starts to cool off, I feel the need to ramp up my arts and crafts time.  Luckily for me, this year it hit earlier then most so when I felt the urge to bust out my knifty knitter and its only mid-October rather than late November it means...I may have started early enough to finish stuff the kiddos want AND do some holiday gifts as well.  I have been wanting to attempt an afghan for my mom for the past few years and think maybe this will be the year I can actually do it??!?!

I know the knitting ideas crop up due to the temps, but fall is just inspiring all around to me.  I start doing more painting projects, I really get a lot more stock made for our little home business, and my workout schedule seems to get going in overdrive.  The hubs brought home some adorable wooden pumpkins made from fence posts for the girls to paint...can't wait to get those done to show you all.  I have my new silhouette cameo which I have finally taken time to sit down and figure out so there are LOTS of signs to be made this weekend and over the next few weeks. 

I am proud to say that adding more walking back in this week has paid off...a full pound less on the scale this morning!  Woot can't see it, but I'm doing my happy dance.  All the colors and beauty of fall inspire me.  I know I should feel more like this in the spring, when everything is in bloom and bathing suit season is literally around the corner...but I am generally in better shape in the cooler months under my layers of warm and comfy clothes then I am all year.  The beauty of autumn is my catalyst for greatness I suppose.  I'm not going to question it, just embrace it.

another pic of the scarf with the new coat for winter

What are you inspired to change with the changing of the seasons?

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