Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Time to apply myself

This is a quick post I know...but I'm very excited today!  Today the FitFluential ambassador applications open up and I am psyched to say that I am applying!  Any pointers/helpful advice is welcome! 

I also had a nice talk with my oldest daughter this weekend and she would like to join the rec center and start working out more...can you say PROUD MOMMA moment!  My mini is always willing to do what I do (and has the cutest little down dog ever) but this one was a surprise.  At 12, she is programmed to think of the 'rents as uncool and embarrassing...but she not only wants to do something more like what the hubs and  I are trying to do...but even is willing to do it WITH us!  ah-may-zing.

Lets get out there and get it done!!
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