Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Whirlwind Weekend

So this (see above) was my weekend! With a month full of September birthdays and the ongoing activities that they kiddos are in we always have the "when to celebrate their birthdays" dilemma.  This year we had already decided to do "destination" parties so that we didn't' have to also make time to clean and prep the house.  It was nice too because it actually saved us a little green in the long run so that is always a plus right?!? 

So we started out our weekend bright and early with soccer for the little bear.  She is REALLY loving it, and that just makes my heart happy!  I just wish my heart could be happy closer to 10 then 830...but oh well.  She was VERY excited this week that her Sissy was coming to watch too, so she was able to really show off her skills :)  Sissy went right out on the field to help with warm up.

Then we went home for a quick outfit change and got on the road for back to back club games for the big kid.  It was a beautiful day for soccer, just an already over scheduled one.  But three games down, a trip to the orchard, and a stop to pick up the cakes for the parties and we were back at home and changing clothes again (and showering, I mean...that's a lot of soccer playing).

My big girl turned 12 this year (her birthday is right around Labor Day so generally celebrating the weekend of the holiday with friends doesn't work), and she wanted a laser tag party.  The Dad's decided to get in on the action and they all seemed to have a great time.  If you have a pre-teen at home, you will understand when I say how hard it is to make one of "them" smile, well I am happy to report that there was nothing but smiles (well, nothing but smiles and a lot of smack talk) at laser tag.  We feasted on the traditional destination party pizza and a yummy cookie cake.  The big kid prefers cookie cake to regular, and proudly I managed to control myself.  That was Saturday night.

Bright and early Sunday morning, little bear rolls over in bed and without even opening her eyes says "I'm so excited!"  FINALLY her party day was here.  Don't get me wrong, she had a blast playing arcade games at her sissy's party, but today was about HER!  Sissy decided to forego the 4 year old party and go to her soccer game (yep, ANOTHER one...different team).  So we got bathed, dressed, dropped Sis off at a team mates house and headed to the Jumpyard.  A warehouse full of inflatable bounce houses.  It's like a preschoolers best dream ever! 

Blurry pic, I now but they were literally moving too fast to get any good ones while bouncing/sliding/running/partying/having a blast!  So needless to say on Sunday we feasted yet again on pizza but this time we added cake into the mix instead of cookies.

To top of our weekend of "not so great eating" weekend, I cat sit for our neighbors a LOT.  To thank me, they give us lots of veggies from their garden (which is much more abundant then ours) and very generous gift cards to the Macaroni Grill.    We decided we would go there to celebrate turning 4!  So onday night off to the grill we went for dinner.  Have you ever looked at a calorie breakdown for MG?  If not, spare yourself the horror.  The food is totally yummo. but the sacrifice...let's not even talk about it. :)

The hubs and I had already discussed the plan of attack for Tuesday morning and the changeover to less cals so we were okay with splurging for the little bear's birthday.  So many yummy choices, but I guess my body knew better then I thought it would and this delish dish is what I ordered, grilled salmon and spinach orzo salad!

Now, I did give half to the hubs in trade for half of his lasagna, but (without actual verification) I feel like I did pretty well.  And it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!  It's funny to me how much I like salmon having grown up refusing to eat fish.  I just love me some salmon now!  (moment of pride)

So that was my whirlwind weekend.  Now we are back to "game face" on with our food choices.  Ready to re-vamp the workout schedule.  The tricky part is...there is one more birthday left this month....what healthy choice can I pick to celebrate my day with that will fly with the kiddos?!??!!
What is your celebratory food of choice when watching what you eat?

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