Monday, September 9, 2013

Where to begin???

How many of you want to make a change for the better but are overwhelmed with what is best?  I am feeling like that right now.  The hubs and I have been reading various books and watching documentaries about healthy eating and lifestyles and I feel like I am on information overload.  Not sure where to start, not sure what is best.  It makes me feel helpless and weak and those are two feelings I DETEST!

What makes the whole thing scarier to me is that I am questioning everything I have ever given and do give me girls.  I don't want them to fall into unhealthy habits, or consume things that are eventually going to do more harm then good. 

Gluten free?  Dairy Free?  Vegan?  Vegetarian?  Raw food?  Lean meats?  It's all a jumble in my brain right do YOU decide?

Going to continue researching until I find what "feels" right and #justliveit!  That's all any of us can do anyways right? 

Looking for opinions and feedback BIG TIME on this post ya'll!!

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