Thursday, September 5, 2013

Setting Goals

In reading through other blogs, it seems that September is full of challenges and goal setting!  I LOVE THIS!  Brooke over at Brooke: Not on a Diet, Kelly over at No Thanks to Cake, and Mariana over at Project Unfluff have some great ones going on, some personal some to join in with!  My favorite challenge though that I have read seen though I think is from Ashley over at Coffee Cake and Cardio

Basically Ashley lays it out there, just live it!  We all worry and stress over everything (some things  more then others), but in the end we need to be happy.  Take last night for instance.  As I posted on the W&M facebook page it was my big girls birthday yesterday.  I am still in shock at the fact that she is twelve.  I just, wow.  Twelve.  Anywho, I digress...I knew going into the birthday that we would be indulging.  Some things are just worth it though!

My sweet girl chose to go to The B Spot.  This is the yummiest burger place ever!  It's owned by Chef Michael Symon (yep, THAT Michael Symon) and it is the reason I hesitate to consider going vegetarian even though I know it would be a better health choice for me.  I knew going in that it would be bad for me...but in that mind-blowingly tasty, juicy, lick my fingers clean kind of bad. :)  I ordered the Lola Burger, my fav there.  The Lola burger is a burger with a sunny side up egg, bacon, pickled red onions, cheddar & mayo.  My mouth is watering just remembering.  We shared an order of his delish rosemary fries and an order of onion rings as a family.  I actually told my fam that I wanted to take a pic of my plate for you all, but once that burger was in front of me, I had to delve in. 

So as we sat eating, my hubby and I said that we needed to get serious.  We knew we had birthday fun, and there is still a LOT more of that to be had this month (both the mini and me have them coming up), but when you are 12, you want a good meal out for your birthday.  It was a nice way to send off our bad eating habits and start to embrace change. 

I can do this!  We can do this, but we need to enjoy life too and not feel guilty if we indulge every once and a while or miss a workout.  Life is too short to not enjoy it, so the challenge I am going to work on for September is Ashley's JUST LIVE IT!!

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