Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Re-program my run

I find it funny that some birthdays are harder then others to deal with.  I was okay with 30, but not 31...I was okay with 35 but today I find 36 to be hard.  Not sure why, but I do.  Part of it may be that there are goals I set that I guess I thought by now I would have done.  The one that keeps coming to mind is my elusive 5K.

My husband asked me the other night why I didn't think I could go out and run one.  Well, because...and then I started to stammer, and then I started to rattle off excuses...I haven't trained, my running shoes are old, I suck.  :)  My friends are all starting to get into the 5K hype, and I have always wanted to run one...but something always comes up.  Maybe it's a underlying fear of something happening.  The first time I was really trying to train was the best surprise ever...I got preggers with mini me.  The next time I ended up under the knife and having my foot go partially bionic though....not a good surprise at all.

I also know though that part of it is my insane jealousy and competitive nature.  I love running, and have no problem just going out and running for the sheer pleasure of it...but when I hear the word race my head goes straight to time an I feel as though I need to conquer the first time out a certain time.  Maybe because I was a sprinter in track as a kid...I don't know.  The hubs, awesome man that he is, can kick my butt on both pace and time when we run...and this makes me crazy.  I KNOW we don't have to do things at the same pace...but seriously (no, I mean for real, seriously) I am INSANELY competitive. 

How can I re-program my thought process on running when it comes to races?? 
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