Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Holiday weekend

Sooooooooooooooo I had a nice relaxing labor day weekend?  How was yours?  I kicked it off on Friday with a half day at work, a great workout, and drinks with friends.  Saturday, we bought the big kid her birthday boots, some sweet Bearpaws.  You know them they are the ones that look like Uggs but cost half the price and you have to get because the darn Uggs don't come in half sizes that fit your kid, but once she tried on both Uggs and Bearpaws they are the ones that feel better and she wants. After finding the boots, she also got as new iPod case and an Under Armour hoodie.   I know she was happy as she came home and put on her skinny jeans, boots and hoodie and took a pic for her instagram account.  I's so nice to see her smile.

 Saturday evening was more cocktails and dinner with friends, as was Sunday evening.  Do you see a trend here for the holiday weekend.  I was so happy I started off strong with a workout, but then it just fizzled, although yesterday I spent the majority of the day cleaning the house.   I had been feeling a little burnt out and spent some time just relaxing (and not worrying) which was nice.   I didn't
log stuff on MFP, I didn't blog, I didn't Facebook, I did however watch the entire first season of New Girl on Netflix and LOVED it. 

So now coming off the weekend, I am feeling a little guilty, but at the same time not.  It's weird.  This time last year I would have considered myself a failure for not sticking to my guns, but now I realize...I can't do it all the time.  I can be everything I want to be all the time, and I am ok with that.  Again, I keep repeating to myself...baby steps, baby steps.

How was your holiday weekend?

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