Thursday, September 12, 2013

Got Silk?

Growing up in my parents house, you could always count on a few things...unconditional love, family meals, notes to each other, and milk with dinner. No matter what we were eating, my brother and I were always given a glass of milk with dinner.  A glass of milk that needed to be finished before we were excised from the table.  I remember my Dad's response one time to my saying I was full when there was still some milk left in my glass..."It'll fill in the cracks."  I had this image in my head of the inside of my stomach looking a lot like a puzzle and the milk would just slide into the open space between the pieces. 

I still believe what I was taught.  Milk is a great source of calcium.  You need it for strong teeth and bones.  What I am starting to realize (slowly I know) is that the milk I was brought up on and the milk my parents drank as kids is gone.  I had even tried the changeover to organic milk, but after more and more research I have come to the conclusion that the dairy I loved is gone and I need to move away from what is out there now and take my kiddos with me.  This has been very hard for me to come to terms with.  It's like Santa or something.  The switch is really only affecting my mini and me as the hubs and big girl were already soy drinkers (their lil tums can't take the lactose), but I am not a fan of soy so we decided to try Silk Almond Milk and...Oh....em....gee!!!!

What I have been surprised to find out is how much I actually PREFER almond milk.  I feel almost like I am betraying all the cows out there...but its not their fault.  They aren't asking to be fed all the hormones and corn that they are getting.  It's weird because the idea to switching to grass fed beef was easy.  The decision to limit even that was a no brainer...but the milk issue has been hard.  I have found that I really do prefer the almond milk and the almond milk based yogurts I have tried are just sinfully delish!  One of the "incentives" I have used at the grocery store with my mini is that if she is good she could get a milk juice box.  Lately I have been getting her the chocolate almond milk from Blue Diamond, but we were in the bread/dairy aisle and she saw the organic milk so I broke down and let her have it (at least it is organic right)?  I tried a sip an actually felt sick.  Sad but true.

Are there any foods that you have grown up loving that you have had to just say good bye to for health/moral reasons?

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