Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Vacation Recap: DC plus BOTW

Okay, so I have been promising to update about vacation for over a week now so I thought I'd give you a little taste of the fun today.  Sadly, the only pics I have access to right now are the ones from my I apologize now for "graininess". 

For our family vacation this year we decided to visit DC, Bethany Beach, DE and Kennywood Amusement Park (Pittsburgh, PA).  Washington DC because its a short drive and we love it.  It's great for kids with all of the (free) museums, landmarks and overall sense of wonder.  Bethany Beach, because we have never taken our girls to the ocean and with little bear loving the beach so much, it seemed like the right time to do it, and Kennywood because it was on the way home and seriously...who doesn't love a few good roller coasters?!?!

So we began our trip in DC.  I love going to DC.  We always stay in the same hotel which is a short walk to the mall so once we get there we can park our car and just hoof it through the capital.  LOVE that!  We arrived at dinnertime on Friday, so we ate then of course needed to walk off some dinner (awesome buffet at the hotel and eat free!!!)  So after dinner we headed over to the mall.  Took a few pictures (see above).  We were equidistant between the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument.  The monument is still closed for repair due to the earthquake on 8/23/11, so it is lit up but completely surrounded with scaffolding.

We decided to head towards the monument because my hubby wanted to see the WWII Memorial at night with all the lights, and let me just say he was dead on with that idea.  The memorial itself is beautiful and impressive, but all lit up at night just made it breathtaking.

The girls LOVED it.  They danced around and we got pics under the Ohio wreath and sat and just enjoyed the beauty if it all for a few.  It's cool to be able to look off into the distance as well and see Mr. Lincoln sitting there in all his glory watching over DC.  We enjoyed the cool evening walk back to the hotel and all quickly crashed for the night.

The next morning we were up and at 'em early.  We had a list of things we wanted to do, which included seeing Mr. Lincoln.  My oldest was set on it.  So we started our trek and our first stop as at the Sculpture Garden, then off to one of our favs the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.  Both my girls love the history museum at home, so this stop was a no brainer.  It's an amazing museum if you haven't been there...GO!



We then stopped and took pics by the castle which is an impressive site to behold from the outside, but tell a 3 year old little girl that she is about to go inside a castle and, well, if you have ever been you know what a let down it was for her. :)

Our next stop was at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian.  This museum is amazing!  So beautiful.  So glad we decided to give it  look-see!  The whole thing is just gorgeous inside and out and they had a fabulous interactive kids area.

Our evening is a whole other post so I will leave you in suspense for that.  I want to make sure I get to this weeks Blog of the Week as well.

There are a few things I look forward to each morning at my desk at work, my cup of coffee and reading the latest installment from Ashley over at Coffee Cake and Cardio. 

Ashley is amazing!  She is a fitness inspiration to me.  It seems she is always on the ball with making sure she gets in some sort of workout daily.  She is the center for the DC Divas, the professional women football team in DC, she is training for a 10K, and she has just revamped her view on food and what she eats.  She actually is one of the key people that got me thinking more about what foods I eat and how they furl my body rather then how many calories are in them. 

Ashley lives in the greater DC area, and while my pics are a bit too pixilated, she just had a great post today Weigh-In Wednesday: A Monumental Run, and she has some great pictures of places I just mentioned above.  Maybe next time I am in the DC area I will be able to meet up with her IRL.  We found a great little place to eat near the Capitol, but that is for another post.  All I can say is YUMMY!!!

Ashley is a blogger extraordinaire and if you haven't yet, you really MUST stop by her page!

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