Thursday, August 8, 2013

Starting point

I know, I know I made promises about vacation me they are coming.  I'm hoping if I leave you in suspense it will guarantee your return to my blog. :)  That and I need to finish my photo uploads so I can share  some good pics with you. 

I have been planning my triumphant return to my workout/healthy eating schedule, and with that comes the question which comes first.  If the hubs and I have learned nothing else from various diets and workout plans its that you can't do it all at once.  I think many people probably aren't as successful (note: not fail) when first starting out because they think they have to do everything at once.  They think, I want to lose weight and be healthy so I have to cut all of my fav foods out and exercise 7 days a week.  For those that actually CAN do this, I applaud you.  I wish I had enough time in my day to workout everyday...but with two kiddos and a job and pets and a social life it's not always the case.  I used to feel awful if I missed a workout.  I would feel guilty and ashamed of myself for failing.  No more!  I mean after all...

I love how I feel after a good workout, but its not better then how I feel after some QT with my hubby and kiddos.  I have been trying to find activities that we can do together.  Our local neighborhood rec was offering a Zumba class that was a parent-child one so I'm hoping that comes back in the fall.  I think my little mini me would LOVE Zumba! 

So in deciding where to start I have opted for getting back to healthy foods first.  Hearing my little one ask for salads on vacation reminded me how our bodies not only need certain foods, but will actually crave them.  We ALWAYS have fruits and veggies on hand at home for snacks...that wasn't the case on vacation and her little body was craving the healthy, wonderful taste of veggies (bursting with pride about that by the way)! 

I have been researching and am looking for input from you now.  I have heard and read both sides of the coin with the Dirty Dozen list.  I love that there is an emphasis on what is best to eat organically, I'm sad that people think if they can't get those foods they cant eat them at all. I think my "winner winner (skinless) chicken dinner for right now is the Prevention magazine  25 Ridiculously Healthy Foods.  I love seeing a list of foods (not judged by their organic or inorganic qualities) that are good for you with a brief reasoning as to why you should eat them.  It's also a list that is reasonable and easy to do with kids.  I can honestly say that my kids eat about 95% of the things on this list...many without even knowing it. :)  My big girl is harder.  She has her dad's sensitive taste buds with a very basic palette.  I can't really hide avocado in her food, but I can sneak flax seed oil in.  It's a give and take.

After coming home from vacation we need to do some grocery shopping and I have decided that this list, these 25 "superfoods" are going to be in my cart at some point or other.  I want to keep a healthy rotation going.  will they all be always, no.  I am a realist.   Do I wish we could keep salmon in the house to have whenever the mood struck, yes...but truth be told fish tastes better fresh so that is a buy today eat today or tomorrow item.  It's also not native to my area so its priced higher, so maybe we do some tilapia or orange roughy instead.  As long as we are getting some fish in every once in awhile.  My little one likes fish I am planning a panko fish stick dinner soon.  She liked my homemade chicken we shall see.

You may be asking how I decided to start with food first, well like I said we need to grocery shop.  But all kidding aside, since I have been doing this step challenge at work I have realized that I actually do move a lot more then I thought I did.  Surprising since I have a desk job...but with just my everyday moving around (dog walks included) I am averaging 5-6 miles a day, so I KNOW I am already doing something physical that is good for me.  Going with food first seemed like the logical choice.
What are some of your "must have" food items to keep you going?  Or what are some good substitutions you have found/made for some of your not-so-healthy cravings?

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