Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Prove your mettle (medal)

Why, what is that picture you ask?  Is that a gold (albeit plastic) medal AND an amazon gift card?!?  You may remember way back in July (ha ha)  I posted about a step challenge at work.  So, I have faithfully been wearing my free pedometer everyday.  I wear it to walk the dog, to go to work, even on vacation (which is how I credit my win).  I have been so faithful to it that I even had it clipped on my swimsuit at the beach and almost wore it into the water (I know, I know...vacation post coming this week). 

So I am proud to day that from July 16-August 8 I tallied up 379,863 steps.  Holy smokes!  That's is an average of 15,828 a day.  CRAZY!  I have to admit though with the exception of the days we walked on vacation (or as my husband puts it" Mom put us on her pedometer death marches") those steps are my day to day moving.  No extra efforts to add on.  So what does that mean?


It means that I need to challenge myself more.  Hooray to me for meeting (and exceeding) the recommended 10K a day right?  Right!  But to continue to challenge myself, I am still wearing the pedometer.  I am going to aim at trying for 18K a day.  That way its' not to much more right now...baby steps.  Once I hit 18K consistently I can aim for 20K.  Hopefully this coupled with my rethinking my eating and my accountability to you all here, and to MFP I should start seeing the results I am hoping for sooner rather then later.

What are some activities you do to challenge yourself?  And what are your food vices that you want to cut?  (That is for a later post)...
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