Thursday, August 1, 2013

I like big BOATS and I can not lie

Okay, so I went through a phase when I would try brand spanking new recipes and take pictures along the way of the process.  Last night, I decided to try a new one...zucchini boats.  Can I just say they turned out to be yum-o!  Success!  I didn't take pictures though mostly out of laziness.  My girls are not zucchini fans at all so I was making something completely different for them, then burned my finger, so needless to say pictures were put on the "back burner." 

I have seen these zucchini boats floating around on pinterest though and we had a few nice zuc's just waiting to be used at home so I went for it.  Used the recipe I found as a guideline for cooking time and temp...but made my own choices on toppers. 

pic of the leftover that I brought for lunch today

I know this pic isn't great but the boat was.  I sautéed some onions, green peppers, spinach and basil together with oil and S&P while the zucs parboiled.  Then gutted the zucs and added the pulp to the sauté mix.  I also cooked up a few Italian sausages which I cut up and added to the sauté mix as well.  Added spaghetti sauce to the whole thing, filled the boats, sprinkled with an Italian cheese mix and baked at 375 for 20 minutes.  YUMMY!!!!!  This will definitely be made again at our house.

It was so yummy, then afterwards my oldest and I took the pup on a nice long walk together.  I feel like we don't get as much one-on-one time as we used to as she is always busy with her various activities and I will take the time when I can get it. :)

Speaking of QT, posts this weekend will probably be more of the Wordless Weekend variety as we are taking the kiddos on a trip.  VERY excited.  We are heading to DC for a few days then off to the ocean for a day.  Not a major trip, but something for just us as a family.  My hubs and I look forward to there little getaways so much each year, its time that is so valuable as the girls get older. 

Have no fear...the pup will stay o her exercise regime while we are away as we have some EXCELLENT critter sitters staying with them.  And then when we get back it is game on for my workout routine.  The girls go back to school so we will be on a normal (well normal to us) schedule again so it is on like Donkey Kong!  Time to lose this extra weight! 

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