Thursday, August 29, 2013

Blog of the Week

I have said it before and I will say it again, there are some things about social media that I just LOVE...and one of them is being able to reconnect with old friends.  This weeks blog of the week is no exception.  In my former life, I worked in the theatre (yes you are supposed ton read it with a haughty British accent).  Over the years I worked with many different people and personality types, but this weeks Blog of the Week blogger was by far one of my favs!  A consummate professional who was easy going and fun to work with and for, as well as someone who I could call a friend at the end of the day...not just a co-worker. 
While most of the blogs I follow are along the lines of wellness and fitness and health (oh my!), there are a few that I follow just because I enjoy them and they are a break from that part of my well as to keep up with friends and see their accomplishments and dream of being able to do some of them myself. 
With thinking about the fact that I had a last leg to our vacation that I needed to write, I realized it would coincide perfectly (at least in my mind) with featuring Diana and Red Delicious Life as a BOTW.  You see the last leg of our trip was at Kennywood Amusement Park and Diana and her family are roller coaster enthusiasts so to was a perfect match!  Diana blogs mostly about her sewing and quilting (which is absolutely BEAUTIFUL) and but has fun little family tidbits along the way (as do I).  I hope you stop by and check out her blog, it's a fun one!
my girls on one of the "little" coasters together :)

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