Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blog of the Week and MORE vacation (is it possible)

I am feeling the love this week!  As I said on Monday, the hubs got hit the motivation button and we are a go!  I started with my fav workout by Ellen Barrett, Fat Burning Pilates, it was like welcoming home an old friend.  I was a bit disgusted with how out of shape I have let myself become, but at the same time was flying high afterwards!  Gotta love those endorphins!!  I was "feeling the burn" yesterday when I woke up, but was still so happy I had done it.  I decided to ease myself back in with an every other day schedule, so yesterday it was.  Now Tuesdays in my house are a mess.  My girls come home from school then my oldest has her riding lesson from 5-6 and soccer from 615-8 (we are late to soccer), what this means for mini me is hanging with mom or dad from 5-6 and PLAYGROUND from 615-8.  Well, the hubs has 1 more week before his students come back so he was able to take the big girl to riding leaving me a big open time slot...what to do, what to do????  Mini me needed a snack to refuel after pre-k and get ready for the playground so I got her some water and grapes and asked her if Mommy could workout while she snacked and played on the computer. She was agreeable as long as I added more grapes to her bowl first so it was set. :)  I hit that FBP workout again and was SO happy I did!  Got a workout, a shower then we were off to meet Dadoo and Sissy at soccer (aka playground) and then we sent Dadoo home to workout while I waited for practice to end.  Win-win!! 
After everyone was in bed I decided to scan the Ellen Barrett site for more videos...and found her blog.  She is an amazing teacher and I love her DVD's so imagine how excited I was to  find that she has a blog with a good collection of workout vlogs on it!  Yet again win-win!!  If you like working out in the privacy of your own home (as I do most of the time), and are looking for a workout that will trim and tone you without the instructor being too over the top, I highly recommend you check out Ellen's site!
This resurgence in motivation ties in well to the second leg of our vacation too.  Mini me loves, I mean LOVES the beach!  So we thought it would be nice to spend a day at the ocean and celebrate in the sand with the girls!  We had found a few nice looking beaches (at least on their websites) not too far from DC.  After researching a bit and talking to friends we decided to take the girls to Bethany Beach in Delaware.  We had SO much fun!  It was perfect weather, about 80 with a nice breeze off the ocean.  It was crowded but not too crowded, we were able to set up our blanket right up towards the edge of the water so we had plenty of sand for castle building and were able to run back and forth to get water.  This gloriously relaxing day at the beach made us stop and consider a beach vacation for next year.  Both the girls had fun, the hubs and I got to just stop and chill, it was so nice.  We are always so busy on our vacations that we need a vacation from vacation by the end.  Since coming home we have debated postponing next year's trip to Disney World a year and maybe renting a place at a beach for a week...we have friends that do it and we could go the same time as them so the kids could all hang together some.  This is our driving force of motivation right now...a week of parading around in our bathing suits...literally, I haven't felt this strongly about a goal since I was engaged.  I don't' needed to be "wedding dress" fit but I could be tighter and toner in areas...this could be a great way to make a life style change (since we have a year to work on it). 
OOOHHHH and if you have a chance to go to Bethany, make sure you stop and check out Grotto's for lunch.  YUMMY!!  My finicky 11 year old declared them having the worlds best fries!!  We had pizza, fried, wings and salad...all VERY good!!

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