Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Back to the Grindstone

Well my dears I am back from vacation.  Sad to be back, even more sad that I left all my lovelies at home asleep bright and early while I had to drag myself up and off to work.  Ahhh reality, back to the everyday grind.  I will share all about my trip soon, sorry there were no updates.  The wifi at our first hotel was pretty much non-existent it was so slow....then we were off to the beach so (no offense) but I didn't even think of the wifi, then it was an amusement park day with just no time for I do apologize that you will have to wait just a bit longer to hear of all our adventures, but I do promise they are coming.

A few things that I do want to share now though:

1) I love my family and am SO glad we were able to sneak away for a few days and spend lots of quality time together

2) I am ready to make some changes...bring on the goal setting

3) I need your help...keep me accountable!

What is all this you ask?  Well, without getting into it too much I am ready to make some changes.  I have been lazy and that needs to stop.  I need to get back on track with my workouts and my eating habits.  While on vacation my 3 year old asked (more then once I must proudly say) for salad as her meal.  Thinking about it now I am proud and happy that she knows how to make good, healthy choices when it comes to what she eats...I am also sad and ashamed that I enjoyed WAY too many "bad" foods while she chomped on her leafy greens; ah and that student becomes the teacher :)

You are all over the place today Shannon, what gives??!!  I know, my head is swirling with everything I want to write about but OMG it's Wednesday already and I want to make sure I get my Blog of the Week in, especially since this week's blog is my "blogspiration."  This week's Blog of the Week is...


As a kid in 5th grade I had someone that was one of my BFF's.  When she told me her family was moving to Tennessee I was so upset.  I remember sleeping over her house and her mom making us oven fried chicken (yummo) and just always smiling with her!  Again as with last week's blog, the beauty of social media brought us back together.  Reconnecting with Kelly has been awesome, what is even better is she has this amazing blog that has helped inspire me with mine.  Kelly's journey has been a fierce one (just like her).  She still makes me laugh, makes me feel inspired and challenges me to be better.  She may never know how truly grateful I am that we reconnected and how much she has helped me.  Make sure you check out her blog.  It's just fabulous!
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