Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Walking Away

So if any of you have checked out my awesome new facebook page :) you may still be wondering about a post I made last week, "Got a free pedometer today for a challenge at work! Details to come!" is your lucky are all those juicy details and a few questions that have popped up along the way.

I work at a medical school and it is nice that they actually promote health a great deal and encourage employees to take advantage of all the facilities we have here on campus.  I have mentioned before about free week passes at the "fancy" gym, we also have a walking club on campus just for staff, and now this step challenge.  Each year when a new class of med students come in they are each given a free pedometer.  We take 168 students and divide them up into 20 small groups and that is how they are teamed.  This year the faculty and staff were also given pedometers and put on a team to compete for prizes and see if we can out walk the students!  The goal is to reach at least 10,000 steps each day.  I was worried about being able to reach that goal until I took my pedometer off after the first day and was already at 11,666.  We have also been given conversion charts for other activities (swimming, dancing, etc).  After a full seven days I am pretty proud of what I have achieved. I have registered 99,760 steps in seven days!  I almost broke the 100,000 mark...but yesterday I was just not moving much at all...I didn't even hit 10K for the first time in a week. 

All this "stepping" made me start to think about what I do everyday.  I walk a quarter mile to and from my car at work, up and down to and from the third floor, when I'm home I am constantly going down to the basement or upstairs to the has been eye opening in a very good way to see that even on days when I feel sluggish and lazy, I am actually doing some good for myself and my health just by walking.  In fact, I took more steps on a day off then I did on a work day even with all my stair climbing and walking to the lots. 

So, now some of the questions that have started ton pop up in my much would I have to change in my eating habits to make this even MORE effective?  How do I now if what I am eating is really the right stuff?  Ok, this second question may seem silly, but I have a friend from college who has been seeing a naturopathic doc who has been treating her for chronic nerve pain.  So far it seems a lot of it stems from what she has been eating, as she has food allergies.  She has been put on a no gluten, no sugar no nightshade veggie diet and has seen dramatic improvements already.  I have read about some people stalling out in their weight loss endeavors due to hidden food allergies, so I wonder if that is what is holding me and the hubs back?  I think I may have to do some more research in this area...

What are some of your helpful hints when it comes to working in more exercise and policing food choices :)

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