Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Sneak Ins

There comes a point every summer when I go to button a pair of shorts and laugh sadly as they pull a bit.  I have to laugh because what else can I do.  Since we were young girls we had the idea of summer perfection drilled into our heads right?!?!  I mean, think about all of the magazines on the stands around March promising to get you that "Beach Ready Body" by summer.  All those tag lines "it's not too late," "8 weeks to go," "6 week crunch," etc.  I laugh because I find more motivation to workout when I am buried in my comfy flannel pj pants and hoodies in the dead of winter then I do in the summer.  Now don't get me wrong, I do what I can when I can...but summer is hard for us.

We are blessed with the fact that my husband's schedules allows for him to be home during the day with the girls in the summer, and he goes in and works basically afternoon shift once I get home.  We both get lots of QT with the kids, we save on no daycare or camp costs, but it makes it hard to find that "me" time for working out.  I try to sneak things in when I little bear has been my assistant dog walker and when I have the pup on the leash I can't pick her up and carry her...she has to walk the whole thing.  It's just over half a mile, not too much...but for a 3 year old I think it is pretty good.  The pup and I have been doing it every morning for the past two weeks...and have been going for  2nd walk in the evenings a few times too.  I also talked them into doing the Call Me Maybe squat challenge, but I want to finds more things that we can do together.  I don't worry as much about my big girl because she does horse back riding once a week and plays soccer on two teams.  She also swims a TON in the summer (which helps make up for the month off from soccer).  Little Bear is moving up to a new dance class this year...a full hour once a week of ballet and tap combined.  I'm SO excited, and she says she is going to try soccer again...we shall see.  Dadoo and I are also planning to put her in swim lessons this year, and all of these things are great but I want to find something, some sort of physical activity that we can do together...or all 4 of us as a family once our schedules go back to school times. 
What are some things that you do as a family or couple or in a group that you recommend?

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