Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Starting my day with a smile

This is my Genna dog.  I love my Genna dog.  When we got this sweet faced pup 8 years ago we arrived at the rescue with a different dog in mind.  We had seen a picture of some other dog and had no plans of looking at others.  A very cute but indifferent little black dog came out and could have cared less about us being there.  THAT was the dog my hubs liked...but then this sweet puppy came bounding out the door.  She was so tiny then, and she ran over to the hubs, put her nose up the bottom of his shorts and peed on his shoe.  That was it.  She chose us.  That was my dog. 

Genna has grown into a 90 pound ball of shedding and love and fear.  She does her job of barking to protect the homestead (mostly from raccoons in the middle of the night), but still she alerts us none the less.  She has a laundry list of fears which the vet says is most likely caused by her having been rescued at such a young age (she was barely 7 weeks old when we got her, an the shelter we got her from had gotten her from a kill shelter 2 weeks prior to that).  When  say list I mean it though...afraid of the garbage truck, school buses, storms, NOT RACCOONS :), and daylight it seems when it is time to walk.

My hubs had been walking her every night once the winter weather broke, and had been getting her out a lot even before that.  She LOVES snow, but with our summer work schedules that hasn't been doable.  We try and get her to the park for a swim/walk/run on the weekends...but even that has waned as the girls have been loving the beach.  So last night the girls and I packed her up into the car and we all went to splash around the river.  She was so happy.  This gave me an idea.  Just yesterday I asked you for workout recommendations....um hello...I HAVE A DOG!!  SO this morning I got ready for work a little faster then most days (skipping the  low dryer cut out a lot of time) and I grabbed the leash and took pup for an early morning walk.  It took a little gentle nudging (okay begging and tugging) but I finally got her to go along with this crazy 515am idea and we got in a nice power walk before I had to leave for work. 

I then noticed on my drive in to work, while listening to tales of vampires and politics (anyone read the Nathaniel Cade series...I am loving it) that I was smiling.  SMILING at 530 in the morning without having even had a cup o joe yet.  The walk.  It hit me, it must have been the walk.  Not only did I have a happy pup at home, but my body was happy with the early morning exercise.  I am liking this!  I think this can become an everyday habit...the best part is I don't have get get up this early for work all the time, but if I do I could maybe even grab the leash and pup and we could maybe start into a routine of morning runs????  I feel like a whole new world is (re)opening up for me.  And how about the paying it forward bonus of making sure I help keep the beloved family pup in good shape...now the cats on the other hand...hahahahha

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